posted on December 17, 2012 at 8:52 pm
         my mistake

my mistake

daddy long legs going for a moth

howl of wings crack the summer evening inaudible except to a microscope

mosquitoes queue up to hover and harass

summer night i have known you by the thousands

sounds of celebration sounds of fast cars

sounds of waves pounding the shore

sounds of wind ripping through the trees

sound of clouds screaming silently as they slide through thin air

the purple blue night with yellow eye windows

with palm trees and chimneys and shadow and blur

australian night primitive night

nights of storms nights of warm gentle rain

night from a dream a night from a song

a night from galilee with its strange salty air

a portentous night filled with hope and with dread

a night like all others with trees and with stars

a night filled with strangers who drive by in white cars

a night filled with echoes from summers in halcyon glow

times too lovely to try to describe

when things were much better and life was so smooth

in a lovely apartment the band sat around

and we laughed and smoked pot and listened to pet sounds

high up above the pacific ocean over a pool

we were famous we were young we were living it large

we argued and bickered we joked and we laughed

81 i guess it was towards christmastime

but its now

and that was a long time ago

yet the night is the same night

the same gentle slightly misty warm feeling

the feeling that something is going to happen

and well

it might

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