posted on March 31, 2008 at 2:20 am

anyway that was the gist
pumpkin soup
been listening to humphreys n keens “the overflow”
a lot
nz guys huh?!
you dont hear this kinda thing in rock often
a lot of ya know bout aunty may who raised me on the showtunes
yeah you know
from south pacific
west side story
porgy n bess
the characteristics of these songs were
meticulous attention to orchestral arrangements
often piano driven
tuneful singing
a warm fuzzy oldtime feeling
these were beautiful classic classic songs
i mean the ramones are great too
but these showtunes were oilpaintings
compared to rocks coloured pencils
humphreys n keen
not the greatest name i guess
this record has some stunningly beautiful songs
you know with major 7th chords n lovely melodies
the druid on the piano who i assume writes the music
knows his art n craft
the piano is just gorgeous
sad and romantic
jazzy sometiimes
the strings n things are lovingly done
this aint a record for guys who love metallica or something
this is old fashioned stuff
some of it could have been written in the 1920s
the words are tender and often almost naive
but not in a bad way
i dont want gimme danger little stranger every night
i got to like the guys voice n his take on things more n more
nk likes this record
i reckon my mum would like it
and i reckon a grand daughter in 2020 could like it too
track 2 is such a corker
i played it about 5 times in a row the other night
and no one here objected
downers: the inexplicable silent gaps in the middle of 2 songs
the occaisional twee bit (not that many really)
i know cd baby have this in stock at least
if you like that show tuney pianoey thing
warning :this record contains medium level violins
this record does not contain
space noises
pounding drums/throbbing bass
screaming and shouting
its a very nice record
but sometimes nice is really ….er…nice
some of you may check it out n say
no thanks that dont rock
others will say
thank you being
thats one of the loveliest records i ever heard
think maybe blue nile without the electronics n trauma
but the same honest romantic leanings maybe without their weariness
i love track 2
which reminds me of a missing track from west side story
and that aint a bad thing
as far as billy corgi goes
i love his soft n delicate numbers
i love disarm oh what a fucking corker of a song
jesus im gonna play it in melbourne
i love tonight tonight
and all those strange songs on mel n collie
machina too
jesus he can write a good song
oh yeah i rate our billy highly
pleased to hear he gave rep-tile a good kicking

bought myself an eye in the pyramid shirt
i should have sent it to mem or mhs
but i greedily kept it for myself
muse : you couldnt bear to part with it
i got it on now as i type
oooh big brudder watching me
gonna be a revolution of the heart
make it happen bruvvers n sistahs
lets make it happen
c’mon were taking over
the peaceniks
the psychedelic warlords
the animal lovers
the magicians n yogis
the singers
the sculptors
the myst-icks
the witches n whats
the surfers
the roadies
the rabid record collectors
the aesthetes n intellectuals
the bleeding heart idiots
who wouldnt know how to throw a decent invasion
the scientists who dont invent new kindsa bombs
the vegetarians
the ladies n real gentlemen
the vegetalistas
the healers n wisemen
the spiritual masters n mistresses
the good samaritans
the brave and patient
the generous and compassionate gang
the ones who turn people on
youre in there somewhere

ps btw
hump n keen do have some feedback…whooops!
but its very tasteful…
and davem
im saying it for you now

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