posted on January 13, 2008 at 2:30 pm

in the dark
i stumble n lunge for cockroaches
i stand in kitchen n eat chocolate n sip soy milk
in the wild windy night
when everything becomes still
as the night contracts giving birth to the stars
spirits are abroad soaring through these skies to you
wailing wondering wonderful spirits
spirits of the dead
spirits of the stones you walk upon
spirits of the wood you burn
spirits of the nights you seed
spirits of the open wound
spirits in the distant hub
travelling underground along songlines
yes they sing sing sing themselves to you
like trains on astral tracks rushing towards you
the night is not white
no the night is not white
the night remembers oh it remembers
so it sighs and it moves through the curtains
and it mentions your names and the names of its gods
who are the winds gods you ask in your lovely way
tell me their names that i may chanta chanta chant to them
tell me the blames i must recant to them
tell me of the shames i have to rant to them
tell me of the games
tell me how the night will always love us so
tell me how the night will never let me go
go into it now go
the whispery nighty night night with its branchy fingers
the oozing night with its vanilla-y thrill
the groping night with its hands down your pants
the enveloping cloak of velvety eve
evening star shine and it breathe
pulse they do yes they do
yes they do
and they do and they do
the mercury stars in their tinny olde style
the warrior stars in their arrows n spears
all frozen and distantly scattered
as if it mattered where they fell in the black deep
at the bottom of the sky where they sink
into depths we never saw
leaving trails of comets and civilizations
before this after this you name it
you name it
you you you
you fool youre a genius
you clever dummy youre the brightest spark
youre the one one one
nightworks blackout darkcrumble hoofbeats raindrop brambledown
hawkstrike ripcrashing unenlightened beast-among-you
warren burrows rabbit run run run
go nights creatures in the meadows hide for godssake
run for cover
down your shelter
night awaits you
silent night creeping sleeping keeping on
violent night howling round the mountaintop
night ache-multiplier-magnifier
night writes this line
nightline straight from 2 am
woke me up up up
to talk to darkness
who can seldom say whats going on
i wait in wakeness weightless fateless
the night neither cares nor cries for you or Is
trust me the night is so cruel and sleek
like an eagles beak as it streaks behind your head
its talons tearing tufts of sweet baby curls oh no oh no
thats the night for you dont say i didnae warn you
summer you out there call the night by different names
but its the same olde night n its the same olde shames
clock tick tick never tock that clock
footsteps sssh listen frozen in fear you are a childe again
a horrible face you think you see watching you and me
ah thats just the moon ah thats justa sky
ah thats justa asteroid deep inner my
ah thats just lord vishnu with conch and his mace
and his lotus n disc n his beautiful face
aah thats just sweet nature with a smile honour face
thats just the trouble and time with this race
all of the people all over the place
as they run and they fall and they drift inter space
as they crash crush n rumble n tumble with grace
who scatters these stars all over the place
and the nightwind caresses the place on my back
where the chakras align along magnetic track
that leads to my headveins which pump endless black
and the seat of my soul at the back of the shack
where the skull at its deepest and ‘lectricity cracks
as the thoughts come together with a thump n a whack
clicketty clicketty clicketty clack
yeah the night is behind you
yeah the old night is back

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