posted on May 9, 2006 at 8:30 pm

im gonna confess
im a little sad and beaten at the moment
my back has locked up
right between the shoulder blades
and im an agony ant
my back IS 2 beasts
hey i thought yoga wassa sposed to make me immune from this
its gone from a throbbing ache to stabbing pain
yeah yeah
im gonna see my acupuncturist tomorrow
thatll fix it fer sure
i know
acupuncture is amazing stuff
it can reach stuff that the other methods cant seem to touch
ya know
i mustnt complain too much
ive hadda relatively pain free life
except for a couple of things
like ten years on the olde gear
and my broken and rebroken arm
my back has occaisionally played up
but i know a few olde fellahs like me
who got it permanent
i remember one day when i was 18
my dad said to me
“you dont think that you’ll ever be 50 , do ya”
and you know what fiendss?
i really didnt
i thought i’d be 18 forever
i wouldnt fritter away the years like my dad
i wassa gonna be an eternal teenager!
if youre young
and youre not looking after yerself
may i humbly suggest that you start
cos a bad back
or a fucked knee
is gonna slow ya right down
take the wind right outta yer sails
one thing to avoid is the gear
do what you like
but dont get on the gear
it wont make you a romantic aesthete
itll make you a whining imbecile
it aint glamourous
it aint fun
it aint worth it
for me it was a jail sentence
10 years of hard misery
i lost my possessions
that was the easy part
but its like being possessed in itself
an evil spirit took up residence in my soul
and whispered its bile in my ears for ten years
forget all that lou reed and keef richards stuff
those guys had a lot more money than you or me
sooner or later
youll wind up in rehab
or jail
a coffin
i did the first 2
and i aint anxious to try the 3rd
and when i do
it aint gonna be smack that lays me out!
i hear a lotta bullshit about the gear
no one knows what the fuck its really all about
except us ex junkies
and all we can say is
dont fool with it!
the western govts headed by the u.s.a
have made this stuff some kind
of unmentionable evil horror
surrounded it in illegality and prisons
and in their typical fashion
made the whole thing a million times worse
than it had to be
ya see folks
once a ponna time
all drugs were legal
in 1870 you could enter anywhere ya liked
pockets full of dope
nobody fucking cared
then someone in the states in the early part of the 1900s
realised if ya made drugs illegal
you could disenfranchise the blacks and the poor
and get em back under the govts control
why are drugs illegal?
why is there a war on drugs?
because there so bad for ya?
cos heroin is such a killer?
ha ha
you buy that?
fiendss theres a billion things you can do
that are worse for ya than smack
and there all legal
war, for one
what if they made drugs legal
and war illegal
what if the word war
was met with the same horror
as the word narcotic?
they dont give a toss about ya
drugs are illegal to control ya
not to protect ya
ciga-fucking-rettes have killed more people this month
than smack has killed in its entire history
but ya can cop a pack of cigs anywhere
and frankly fiendss
i’d rather o.d.
than die of cancer or emphysema

just remember
the govt has not made drugs illegal to protect ya
if so
why is pot illegal
they even recently hadda huge inquiry into it in the states
the govt gives money to scientists
“please come up with somethin’ badde on pot”
they couldnt
the “anti-motivational” syndrome
yeah, like, um
i dont wanna die in yer fucking war
i dont wanna be a “straight” and have a “job”
any way these scientists come back and say
“although pot is bad for yer lungs
(any smoke is)
it appears it actually contains many anti-carcinogens
that actually have tumour deactivating properties

i bet all those guys lost their job!!
its all a fucking lie
the whole drugs thing
they dont want ya to change yer conciousness
unless with alcohol
cos thats what they use
and thatll keep ya nice n quiet n
(unless ya beating yer wife or getting in brawls)
and drinkers aint usually thinkers
but folks taking pot or hallucinogens
theyre a different kettle of flying fish
they dont buy that fucking war so easy
they dont believe in the 1950s and cold wars
and witch trials
and nuclear bombs and smart bombs
and collateral damage

the olde western alpha male style governments
were so concerned about the plight of the junky
they gave em methodone
oh whatta nice safe name
its got method in it
the govts helping us, right?
oh yeah
formerly adolphine
invented in germany in ww2 during a morphine shortage
now fiendss
i been on methodone too
and let me tell ya
i’d rather get over 100 heroin habits
than one methodone
if you wanna feel bloated empty and depressed
if you wanna be hooked forever
on a synthetic poison doled out by the govt
that ya can never ever stop
methodones yer drug
jims on heroin
its ok, now hes on a methodone “programme”
oh, thats good
hes making progress
god blees america and methodone
ha ha

if i tell ya to stay away from smack
stay away from methodone 100fold
itll make ya live a half life

now just think
all that crime
all that misery
all that suffering
that drugs cause
and most of it caused by its illegality
and punishment
it doesnt have to be like that
look at holland and switzerland
yeah yeah i know they had their problems
this is no easy thing we talk of here
like looking after the aged
or any other social issue
theres no easy fix
but treating drug takers as humans is a good start
why lock up junkies and potsmokers
what possible fucking goode can that do
fiendss the moment i was in jail in nyc
there were guys selling every drug under the sun
making connections
consolidating their “criminality”
how can guns be legal and drugs illegal
would ya rather a drug user
or a gun enthusiast move in next door
do guns kill more people than drugs?
are guns more dangerous than drugs?
theyve somehow brainwashed ya into thinking
that drugs are “un-american”
but guns are yer birthright
ya know gw bush was a coke fiend
even possibly a dealer
oh but thats ok
hes now born again
the man who leads the free world
is a certified drunk driving
coke snorting
draft dodging
cowardly s.o.b.
who says his most proud moment of the last 6 years
was catching a big perch in his own lake
yet he is the 1st thing ya see
when ya arrive in la
and they start searching ya fer drugs
now that i gotta little record
they always take me apart
treat me like a fucking crim
when the guy whos a 1000 times worse than me
looks down from the wallk with his idiot half grin

but no one can even attempt the legalisation of drugs
such is the mc carthyesque hysteria surrounding the subject
the a.c.t. was gonna have a trial heroin programme
instead of methodone
they were gonna give a small number of addicts heroin
just to see….
just in case…..
like i switzerland where they find that
people given the gear in clinics
stop stealing pawning etc
and return into society
and manage their lives
surprise surprise!
but when australia had the gall to try this plan
on a small scale within its own borders
the u.s. objected
theyd do this n that
they wouldnt buy our morphine…
why should they fucking care
if some canberran junkies got some govt smack?
why indeed?
cos its so badde for ya?
cos the stuff is inherently evil?
so they could maintain their hegemony?

heroin is a bad deal
we all agree on that
you aint ever been thru anything like a major narcotics detox
or have ya
you wont believe that life can be so hellish
and yes
it was all my own fault
i aint asking for any sympathy here
but the current treatment of addicts
and the western attitude to drugs is a farce
i remember in sweden in the paper one day
i saw a guy who murdered a kid get less time in jail
than an exstacy importer
whod ya rather have next door fiendss
an ex dealer or a kid murderer?

i know im reducing it to simplistic terms

just dont believe everything they tell ya
question their motives
and ok heroin is nasty stuff
but why the fuck is pot illegal
they try to tell ya its intrinsically evil
like god would put a “bad” plant on this earth
but did ya know
that there is a receptor in yer brain
that will forever remain inactive
unlessit encounters thc
now thats gotta mean something
we were meant to smoke the herb
maybe not as much as i do
but its part of being a human
its a potential you can explore if you want to
what you do with yer brain is your business
no body should be able to boss ya round
if ya feel the need to alter yer consciousness

they got ya fooled
theyre manipulating ya
take their drugs
we know that fucks ya
we know that fucks ya
we know that fucks ya
sleeping pills
we know that fucks ya
hmmm pot, acid, mushrooms, hmm
we cant seem to see what they do….
maybe theyre bad for ya
but we aint found any hard proof yet…
ok THOSE substances should be illegal
for yer own goode
the nice olde govt is protecting ya from yerself
thanks guys
now im drug free
i can go to iraq
and be a useful cog in yer machinery
gulf war syndrome…
no problems
we got some goode govt drugs for that
(fiendss, the other day i met a little boy
covered in eczema, 3 years old,
diagnosed as inherited from his grandfathers
(an australian soldier in vietnams)
exposure to agent fucking orange
horray for the goode guys
hooray for l b j and bob menzies)
yes the sins of the grandfathers are visited
on the children
you trust these mo fos, fiendss?
you believe anything they tell ya?
you wanna tell that little suppurating oozing scratching kid
about the fucking domino theory
and communists and caterpillars?
surely smokin dope is the least of any ones worries
this world is a joke
we are the punchline

a war on drugs?
as will self said
you might as well have a war on tables

grantley, im still missin’ ya
when will this stop?

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