posted on July 2, 2011 at 4:46 pm

steve " theres a little david neil in all of us... "" kilbey

david neil aint jive

i can feel his love shining down on all of us

david neil wrote electric lash

david neil wrote most of those songs and i ripped him off

david is a flesh and blood ghost

he exists he existed he will exist in the best of all possible worlds

meanwhile me n ricky n the hoffmen are trying to reproduce his stuff

we sound like credence and that aint a totally bad thing

i cant fucking sing it like david can i…?

ricky says sing em like yerself so i am …but who is me…ha ha…

anyway it was so long ago i last saw david alive

i know he’d think i was doing the right thing because i am trying

the wilderness years is finally coming out after what 36 /37 years…..

people are interested in him again…ok…

he was not the nicest cat but ok…

i’d say he was quite a selfish type …i dont think he’d disagree either….

he could write songs but as a human bean left a lot to be desired

up to his eyeballs in one shifty caper after another

the drugs the women the pawn shops the hotels

money disappearing

sessions cancelled

tapes mysteriously altered erased and modified

for example a tape that was dated feb 75

but david died in dec 74…huh?

david apparently sang this song called ” near” 2 months after his death

nice work i suppose

such a fragile geezer running around being a singer songwriter

smuggling stuff and goofing off yeah and sometimes songs

breaking hearts and losing his bond

back in the van in the back of the van

the amps the guitars the guys sit around smoking spliffs

grumbling and laughing

yeah i remember the camaraderie all too well

like its yesterday once more

david tall and blond and kinda nebulous like he was already a ghost

johnny the guitar player what a hypochondriac what a joke

always out of it on something stupid that had him stupefied…

jim jim the bass player wasnt there …hed broken his ankle

thats where i came in…i could play bass and i met david in australia

and biff on the drums a complete law unto himself on every level

yeah we played mosta the songs on wilderness years

im glad its becoming available

we tried to make it authentic but the tapes had deterioted

we had to re do bits n pieces

david would love it for sure

and its coming to you soon

the wilderness years

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