posted on January 15, 2009 at 8:18 pm

we see our little project take wings n fly
how long has it taken axle-grease to finish
that guns n roses record….15 years?
well me n ricky justabout finish our backing tracks in 2 days
uh huh
and i aint heard axles but i just know ours is better
lindy morrison from the go-bes drops by
we get her to play tambo too
my she besotted with our mr ricky?
fuck hes a good guitarists someone says
as el maymi slashes down a sizzling rhythm track
yeah …hes a visual treat too… she says watching him rock
i play some piano ricky plays more drums
we write 3 newies right there on the spot
i’m fiddling round with a d chord
pumping the bass a little
i move the bass note down to f#
which turns the d into some other chord
although nothing has changed in the top half
the new bass note makes you feel like the ground
has dropped away
or something
i bang out a couple of tunes on the piano
it all comes dead easy
i dont even fucking have to try
( voice in other room:sounds like it !)
the first thing i play becomes the song
rickys drums give the song more shape
we add twelve str n electric guitar
the songs blossom n grow
fingers moving out into the world
in strange unforeseen directions
we give birth to these barest bones
and they mature n grow n bloom
they turn into themselves
ricky is an amazing bloke in studio
he tirelessly rocks n rolls
except fot the briefest naps n cig breaks
hes there first thing with bells on
and hes the last to leave still with bells on
he has a truly excellent chordal knowledge
and a wide knowledge of popular music
and the way its all put together
hes taken the time to separate the components
and he knows exactly what it takes to recreate any classic feel
on drums or guitar or percussion
he did some great percussion while i went home early
and some of it reminds me of “all things must pass”
bass playing was reserved for jonny z
who is THE best bassist in aust
double bassist that is
he comes in
and despite some shockingly sad personal news
he proceeded to knock our dicks in the dirt
with his superb and instant takes on each song
during the psychedelic number
his bow screams across the strings and moans all eldritch
he is truly truly truly amazing
no charts
no nothing
he instantly learns the songs
he starts playing its almost always the right thing
n thats why i aint playing bass on this
now jonny z has given it the swing
by the way
if you are interested in hearing austs bess bassplayer in action
can i recommend “the sea”
which is j z’s solo album
its tres jazzy
its not rock
but gee whiz
its got that groovy thing
us rockers cant n dont do
the day ended at 11 oclock after much weird weather
and fierce playing

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