posted on January 23, 2011 at 10:19 pm

lets meet our next contestant

i’m all thumbs

walk round my old neighbourhood awash in nostalgia

wheres my dirty old rozelle gone

all done up with a new coat of paint and bmws

i used to have a house n a studio here

but i frittered it all away

some fatal flaw that fucks it all up over n over

ah baby thats life yes it is

this pain must refine us

this grief must knock off those rough edges

this hurt must improve our chances on karmas wheel

my children on the plane now

oh God deliver them safely unto me!

because i love em of course because they are such good girls

please a smooth flight and a nice landing

those lovely children bring them home

i realise now how much i miss them

such a short time and then i am away

although it is the last thing i wanted to do

never kept my eye on the ball

never noticed the time or the season

you cant really escape time

doesnt matter what you do

the meter is on and its ticking hard

summer nights will turn into autumn days

children become young people as you turn around

your latest record is some fossil in a museum

everything changing all over the place

and you keep losing stuff

loss loss loss

some feeble gains maybe

just to keep ya interested

but eventually……

ah you get the picture anyway i know

its hard to let it all go

its hard to take it all in

its hard to watch it all pass and passover

its tricky isnt it

life and all that

will we ever learn?

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