posted on December 18, 2011 at 4:09 pm

and we've all known hurt

the week started terribly when i found out our kate had passed away

no more big smiles

too soon too soon

i hate that thing when you cry and your throat starts to ache

kate i know you can read this

craig told me you had starfish with you when you went

that kinda makes me so happy and so sad

i dont know whats going on here

i hope things are calm and peaceful somewhere else

my life hurtles into turbulence it surrounds me

running from shadows

last night we played the enmore theatre in syd

we were good they say

feel free to write a review here

i’m sorry the meet n greet was unsatisfactory

i’m a bit exhausted and i just put my heart n soul into it

i shouldnt be meeting anyone

i need to walk in the warm darkness outside

i want to know if the children are asleep yet

the rocknroll has poured outta me just as it poured in

i’m just any-old bloke whose a bit dopey

no point in meeting me

ive done my thing and  ive had enough

but i’m sorry if it didnt work out for some reason

i’m sorry if someone was rude

i had spent all afternoon there trying to get it right

we have just driven back from newcastle

i have some more personal argy bargy in my life

i have some things to contend with

the creative side of me is outraged by the drain on resources

i am out of balance

last night i call on an energy to animate me

and it does not fail to arrive

i feel like i could levitate into the air

it has finally happened anyway whatever it is

too late but better than never

we just laid 30 odd top notch songs on the audience

i allow the music to flow thru me i dont grasp at it anymore

i have no message for the audience

i dont know what i’m doing

i’m reflecting something out there

some idea that is so vague and powerful

we did a good show

whatever we ever hoped to achieve surely we did last night

sure some ninny is gonna give us a bad review its inevitable

they dont like my interpretive dance whatever that is

i just do what that thing tells me to do

sometimes it tells me to dance because some music is for dancing

the characters in the songs animate one after another

its all so deliciously easy i mean i’m not even trying

i mustnt try …trying is the worse

i gotta be in it jump in boots n all i suppose

or risk hurting myself even more

last night i moved closer to invoking the thing

when it comes it takes care of everything

can you believe i’m saying the thing is playing and singing me

anyway being a good frontman dont solve no personal problems

the world is still out there

i am in conflict as i always have been

there cannot be the energy without the conflict i see that now

its weird to be a geezer that some think is the bees knees

whilst others think is the worst guy in  the world

i am actually neither but you already knew that

its a pity its so confusing

isnt it ?





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