posted on February 26, 2010 at 9:38 am

been working on deadmans hand ep (duh!)
out at tims
sorry no blog yessaday …i was knackered
got 3 really good new songs ready for ya
gonna be giving this away at gigs in u.s.
really u#23 ish songs
they said it couldnt be done
you know what
i found me a new singing style
a new way of writing words
tim n me what a pair
what a modus operandi
we sculpt songs from the living rock itself
words fly to me outta i know not where
who whispers all these words to me
we worked on these songs
the gardener
the kicker
i played pedal bass today…its a huge sound
tim changes things all the time
i write n write n write
now i’m tired
now i need to replenish my thoughts
now i need to relax a little
its been a long day
wow i worked hard
gee me n tim are good
the weathers nice too
see ya tomorrow

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