posted on July 25, 2008 at 10:20 pm

i fucken love you guys
ive been really touched by your reactions
ive been really touched reading yer youthful memories
i know 1985 kilbey would have been chuffed
i mean 23 years into the future people still digging it
why cant we have those heydays over and over….?
ah…..if i could figure that out
i’d like to thank all the people who donated yesterday
i really appreciate it!
things are a bit skint chez kilbey at the present
so we really thank you warmly for generosity
you didnt have to do it but you did……nice one!
i listened to it myself yesterday…1st time in ages
its where we really turned into ourselves
heyday facts.
emi aust dropped us after heyday
it only sold 20 thousand odd copies
i had a hilarious conversation
with some 1986 emi dennis eton hogge
complete with yes…a hairy chest and a libra pendant
he was a hog a pig and a bore
i told him i wanted our next album to be a double
i told him i wanted our next album to explore instrumentally
the ebb and flow of nature
more choirs
more orchestras
more peter walsh
the pig sat there stunned
the next morning
i was informed by telephone
just as i was about to jump in a cab
to begin pre-rehearsal for our next reckord
that the church were dropped from emi
our next album sold nearly a million
do you reckon that the pig ever got his porky ass kicked?
(oooh im a childish little sod, aint i?)
fact 2
more than one proud parent has named his daughter tristesse
thats true
they shoulda researched it more
its the “sadness that comes after lovemaking”
eg. post coitum animal est triste
3 there are 1 million acoustic guitar overdubs on each song
the original title
4 of already yesterday was hover
5the beginning of hhg was called poland
marty n i wrote that in bondi in 82 and slipped it in there
6the original title of roman was transylvania
7columbus was written in ….columbus..i was stuck with the title
now headquarters of my art empire…hiya eek
8peter walsh had a big brother also a producer he used to ring for advice
9peter didnt like the word “slump” he had me remove it from a song
10we called him the young english knob twiddler when we played pinball
11we hired the persian rug from a store in rushcutters bay
12the church werent wearing paisley at that stage
it had gone after 1982
i wore black from there on i guess
we did it as a retro laugh on ourselves
13steve sutherland called hhg
“like felt stumbling thru a big country rehearsal”
most american rags gushed however
14disenchanted was written about russell
but when he asked me i denied it!
15the last record to have lyrics printed
thats it
im racing against a “blog outage”
so im gonna post this
and wish you all a happy heyday weekend

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