posted on November 10, 2008 at 7:50 pm

tibor (nee $1000 falcon) died th’other day
when he blew his head gasket
and that, my friends, was that
a loyal n noble beast
poor tibor had served us well
tibor suffered from a variety of conditions including
alternator problems
no lockus the backus doorus
a mess of small toys n sweetie wrappers
old empty cans of berry v
a great sound system
seat covers with fire
bumper stickers:
no fat blokes
little miss naughty
poor poor tibor
the kids are really quite sad
so is daddy
tibor would cost more to fix up than he’s worth
he must sadly be put down
oh woeful day
what will i do?
alas n alack!
i’ll have to get a cab to the airport sunday
i’m flying to adelaide to do vegan festival
i wish i wasnt but i am
it never works out for me these gigs
it doesnt feel right to play ordinary songs at these places
they are always in horrible conditions
outside or in big noisy halls
always in broad daylight
i dont wanna fly n i dont get paid
i always hate doing it n usually piss someone off
if there are any killer fans or fiendss in adelaide…
but i doubt it…
i’m just not cut out to be a spokesman
2 weeks after that the earth festival in centennial park
where i’ll just be singing n playing my guitar
(which isnt really the thing i’m best at)
its not really what i do that well
not in daylight at a festival
its not my setting
but there you go
on friday night
in the pianobar nite club the cross
im singing a couple of songs
at a benefit for a movie ive got a small role in
2 unfinished films about bondi being made
i’m in em both….
one as a “reckord pra-dusar”
the other
as a zen furniture salesman
oh the horrors of typecasting….
i ask scarlet kilbey yesterday where her mother is
“her ‘scaped ” she says (she escaped)….
at the dinner table i was giving the girls a quiz on horses
whats the difference between a mule n an ass ? i ask
evie says innocently “oh an ass is smaller!”
(now remember my girls are all american)
they all burst into laughter including eve
as she realises what shes just said…
scarlet asks natalie to make a list of the family
after all the usual suspects are listed
scarlet thinks for a while
theres someone shes forgotten….
ricky! she finally says
much laughter ensues
aw ricky will be “home” soon
and killing pain at the oxford arts factory 22nd dec
you should fucking well be there
come in from other states n countries
cos the church aint playing this year
so you better come n getta fix of this!
come on down
you can get a fistful of aussie bucks fer yer dollars n euros
you can see painkiller
surf on chrimbo day
be back in yer cold miserable hemisphere by n.y.e.
or whatever
after all it is only our second gig
and we’re playing with all india radio
cmon have you been reading the odd reviews on websites
people are digging painkiller
oh i’m so glad
yes it is a quantum leap for me
in or out of the church
more energy
more directness
more random craziness that i love
its more time being
its like this blogge on music
its like my paintings as songs
its purer kilbey than you ever had before
it is undiluted with de-mock-racy
no one interfered
no compromises
no time or money wasted
a vision fulfilled
this is my future
i owe allegiance only to my own vision
painkiller is the beginning of what i can do
without compromise
oh i’ll probably still be doing other things
but painkiller is the direction of my journey
from here on in
i want to concentrate on making music like this
puts me where i wanna be
dont wanna talk or argue
dont wanna explain
dont wanna rake over the past
dont wanna wait
dont wanna approval
i need to conserve my energy
i dont wanna waste my gifts
hey i know the way (again!)
you can follow me if you like
or not
why should i care
there will be more art music words
my monkey nature is irrepressible
my aim is true
i am on course of course
you WILL enjoy whatever I do next
but you see
it is a lonely place to be
no one around who can advise me…
where i wanna go
no one around here has ever been…
ha ha!
oh grandiose talk
its funny
isnt it?

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