posted on July 16, 2008 at 1:54 am

its fucken weird being me
i mean
presumably youre interested in me
or why read this bloody blogge at all
i dont really know what its like to be anybody else
i admit it
not in this lifetime at any rate
course ive been other people in other lifetimes
i expect….
i ‘m so bloody olde
yet i feel so young inside
bursting with ideas
that no ones really probably interested in
howcome i dont care about all that stuff
othermen need so bad?
fancy food….i could eat peanut butter on toast everynite
wine….who cares …its all the same after the first drop
sport …watching the game with the lads.. loathsome
fake bosoms…….scares the hell outta me
fake suntans…….’orrible
anorexic bints on paris catwalk…….meaningless tedium
watching telly….ive got better things to do
goss rags….c’mon…!
yet another people live for these things
the popey is having some do on here at bondi today
buses pull up disgorging backpack wearing flag waving “youth”s
we could hear the soundcheck at the pool this morning
quote from old digger “theyve got a fucken rapping cardinal….”
can you imagine being a “youth”
with the wherewithal to fly round the world
and you choose to show up in sydney
in the middle of fucken winter
to hear some silly olde german git
speaking italian
about some olde jewish malarkey
that may or may not have ever happened
and so badly mangled and mistranslated
and misinterpreted
and misunderstood
and the main character
mr jesus h christ
would certainly hate the popey and his helicopter
and his huge p.a. belting out disco-ish slop
and his costume and his hat…especially the hat
and all the murder n mayhem the popeys organization represents
yet the bloody “youth”s are flocking to this festival of inanity
the press gush and go on n on non
am i going mad or what?
is everyone asleep out there…?
we can invent supersonic aeroplanes that do 2000 miles an hour
but we accept mediocrity and bullshit like we’re all in some
incredible trance
if there is a god does he need the pope?
its like me speaking on behalf of the fucking moon….
steven the first, the mope
“the moon wants this, the moon wants that…”
the popey is blatant absurdity..yet no one says much
they just let it go on non
just like the stupid kings n queens still hanging around
people…it was the kings n queens
n popes that have always sucked us dry
wise up ferchristssake
i was at the hall o fame the other night
this guy came on
and sang this olde rolf harris song
2 little boys had 2 little toys
a cloying mawkish little nursery rhyme number at its best
but in this guys hands
i wanted to tear my ears off rather than hear another note
such was the coy cutesy schlurppy nausea of his version
changing chords to sevenths or whatever on his electric piano
he reinterpreted this stinker adding his own brand of whimsy
that should have had the crowd pelting him with food and drink
after all this was the kinda of twee slop that rock was suppose to annihilate
but here we all are clapping after the dribble mercifully ended
was i the only one so squirmingly embarrassed by this bilge?
you see films like that too
or tv shows
so abysmally woeful
so devoid of any subtlety or passion or intrigue or imagination
am i the only geezer in the world looking for that sorta thing…?
am i the only one tired of plastic surgeried scrubbers and dance routines?
or medieval epics where the warriors quip smart-arse one liners
to each other in american accents
look you just dont have american accents in narnia or middle earth
or in 1215 or what/whenever ….why cant they see that…?
wolves in narnia dont talk like a chigago gangster
no more would hucklefuckingberry finn talk like john cleese
yes and im including australian accents in there too
you couldnt have a bloody aussie merlin…could ya?
” c’mon there young artha…dont be a bloody mug
c’mon old son pull that fucken sword outta the stone !’
why does rank mediocrity prevail in this vale of tears?
conversely it means the really good guys never get their just vegan desserts
eg vincent van gogh
never sold a painting while he was alive
cos the people around him were blinded by the idiocy of the zeitgeist
sad but true
over n out


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