posted on April 30, 2008 at 9:25 pm

slowly materialized and grown
we are given life with all its givens
stebe kilvey do this n do that!
you over there do something else…..
but we are still children
we are still amateurs
how we would be frightened
if we stood inside each others brains
even for a moment…
is my blue your blue?
are we even speaking the same language here?
can we trust even one thing that we are told?
what do we agree on?
almost nothing
he said this
she said that
they use to think this
they believed this but you wont
i believed that but now i dont
they think this but we cant
are you seeing eye to eye with anybody here?
i myself wandering around in circles
coming back to the same bit of jungle
i think i recognize a tree
i think i see something i remember
its a fog
its a joke
its all based on the most childish assumptions
its all teetering on the most nasty edge
imagine the unimaginable…oh i forgot…you cant…
neither can i but you dont know that
as i child i thought i hope those groan-ups know what theyre doing
as an a’dolt i hope the children will figure it out
the people who assure you they got the answers
are the most puzzled of all
an idiot in a suit waving a bible around
mister thats a very interpretable document
are you sure you understand its many levels of meaning
or has some other idiot in a suit n bible
programmed you to believe a tiny iota
that suits some other (much richer) idiot
somewhere in a tv station or in a vatican
saying hes got the only game in town
i believe there is no monopoly on the truth
but the truth itself proves constantly variable
we are observers at the scene of an accident
we have different angles heights perspectives motives histories
we change our stories
i was once an insolent teenager raging against old fogeys
now im an old fogey raging against insolent teenagers
how can i trust what i think?
who am i?
no one constant
no one continuous
which bit of me will live on?
which version of me will heaven download?
if youre a widow whos outlived 3 husbands
who will you be married to on the otherside ?
there is no certainty…i’m finally beginning to see it
and the day it all ends it will seem like a dream
thats why that old song goes
merrily merrily merrily merrily
life is but a dream…
the first time i heard that song
i thought wrong!
life is solid dependable logical factual…
but it seems a little shakey n hazy n unreliable to me now
you lose yer fortune
you lose yer family
you lose yer hair or yer health or yer mind
you lose yer bearings
you lose the fucking plot sometimes
cos there is no plot
everyone is a loose cannon
firing wildly into the unknown
our theorems will fail
our proofs will be proved inconclusive
our various protections will always contain a chink
our meanings will be misconstrued
our names will be forgotten
the valid will be invalidated
the “straights” will be bent
the “bohemians” will be shocked straight
communists turn into fascists
lovers turn murderous
are you getting my drift here, steven?
mr kilbey wake up
the plane landed
the show ended
the winner was announced
ages ago
you poking around in a puddle
on the edge of the most wondrous forest
you torturing the angels
you playing in F sharp minor…this tunes in C
why’d you kill them creatures?
werent they entitled to sweet life too?
why’d ya go n use up the earth?
are the guys in charge idiots too?
i miserably suspect it with all my stupid childs heart
we have been misled by greedy donkeys
secret little boy games played by old fogeys
older donkeys chasing secret bigger carrots
you goats have been kidded
hey you sheep on the lam
hey you ass
hey you chicken
but the animals all need their comfort
me too
im a cockroach in a roach motel
dancing on the heads of the stuck down ones
trying to get to the bait
everything i thought i knew was wrong
everything they get me to swallow comes back up
the good guys seem to falter
the bad guys seem to prevail
people pronounce this or that
as if they aint just temporary blips
other idiots dream up ways to manipulate control or confine
your freedom is as fragile as your reality
your mere ability to walk around or read this doggerel
is dependent on tiny valves n tubes n vessels within your flesh
not malfunctioning or becoming blocked
we fill our heads with rubbish
we fill our guts with rubbish
we fill our seas with rubbish
we fill our earth with rubbish
we think
oh it’ll sort itself out
we think
oh it will all end up somewhere
i just trust in the process
i recycle my empty plastic bottles of earthblood
so im doing my part
i voted in the election for the good guys
i was in a walkathon for the gay whales
i subscribed to wilderness society
and i bought a fur coat
i’m totally vegan except for the babies i eat
i read the bible every day
but i cant understand all that old language in it
i cant understand all the symbology in everything..
if its all dependent on interpretation
why anything could mean anything…!?
our houses are built on shaky foundations
our certainty is unfounded
our take may be warped
our information may not be correct
what to do?
i dunno
im just a washed up singer
with the ability to rave on n on
with a never ending stream of random thoughts
plucked out of the ether
and hastily typed out
in a room in a rented house
in nth bondi nsw
the year is 2008
2008 years since some jews n romans had some guy killed
a long way away
a long time ago
a guy who most people dont believe even existed
why did they kill him?
i dunno
they killed lotsa people in those days
it didnt take much to get strung up
didnt he say
love is all you need
she loves you yeah yeah yeah!
that was another guy they got
i guess…
what will it matter in 3008?
which one will they remember then?
beats me
im gonna stop now
my shoulders aching

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