posted on June 8, 2018 at 8:46 pm

darkening elliptic

the weather had penetrated my dream

some impossible task

im a fish in a jungle

mescal has blown open the door

a female voice : oh I love it when its blurry

you and me are six again sister

they’re having a party downstairs and they think its funny to drag us out of bed

oh see the children perform…

me with my stupid poems ha ha ha they all go

you with your little dance aww ha ha ha they all go

they sent us back to bed but we grew up and we went our own ways

I delved  in the darkness of a nightclub into my own enveloping racket

oh the vortex was sucking me off baby and nihilism astride

my eyes and ears shot I resorted to telepathy

a velvet death enveloped me

wake up she said its not funny anymore

and here was my mother

you’re that nice man that singer

voice in another room : you wrote that song

doctor with accent : look I won’t bullshit you maybe a year

a year later I was playing poker

2 one eyed jacks and my colt 47 cocked

I got myself in the arm and the game folded

I walked outside and it was tonight

the rain the sea the fishnchip shops

the beach is deserted and the sea is sullen

probably none of this even happened darling

I’m just imagining something because I’m so stoned and tired

all those groaning shells all those swooping gulls all those green n red lights

yeah all it all went so blurry

oh cook me some more of those biscuits and a cuppa tea

im an English king from the olden days sitting on the floor

im mad as the maddest lake

strangers walk up n shake my hand

I can’t remember passwords and the pins

no attachment the blank screen of memory

the pool is a viscous maw

the cafe is a zoo full of primates

the car is a travelling side show

the night is another night is an other night

I type like an imprisoned marquis within a cell

I add jam to the biscuits

the tea is warm and milky

oh boy now its so cosy

its so quiet except for the sound of the rain n distant traffic

somewhere out there terrible things are happening

I keep my head low in soft darkness

every future open ups

the courtyard and the plants

the painting on the easel unfinished

cat asleep under table

music from some time that never came






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