posted on August 15, 2007 at 10:01 pm

deliria fevers
youre a hot little number aint ya?
oh you got me my miss dizzy and miss fainte
cos im stuck in this spot herein the blasting sun
but half the time im stumbling in snow
deliria fevers get yer hooks outta me
cos youve trapped me in a loop
and im seasick on dry land
i dont want to close my eyes
and i cannot stay awake
and i falling in the ink
washed up on the sure
dazzled in your arms
reflected in your eyes
transmitted in my head
presented in a way
youre singing to me now
across the black divide
you smashing up my space
you swimming thru my mind
you drowning in my dreams
toss toss toss turn turn
rock n roll over deleria fevers
rockn roll off me deleria fevers
rock n roll offer deleria fevers
rock n roll of her deleria fevers
a sick song has started up
a sea sick warped n horrid snatch of song
a twisted childish melody that stabs
as it squirms throughout my thoroughfares
deleria fevers got a strange strange dagger
inlaid the handle with the blues
double sharp double bladed double yer trouble back
oh that dagger hardly felt it going in
but now you left me its a wound up wound
and my blood rises around my choking ears
boom boom boom it is a monsters drum of doom
banging thru the unholy night
as the colour drains out of the world
and we turn black n white n grey
and then only tiny moving touches of shade
that reassemble in mathematical patterns
marching forward the trillions n the billions of them
no no no
these formulae drive me desperately mad
each little hieroglyph represents a living nausea
these equations are the very fundamentals of sickness
every disease indexed and catalogued in binary germs
flies come and hover
cockroaches carapaces and trails of ants
worms waiting within out own flesh
i cant remember who i am or used to be
deleria fevers serves it all up a la carte
memories and songs
all my songs
go round n round in the spin
the sky spins around me full of my songs
my songs all mutated and truncated
wait wait it doesnt sound like that
deleria fevers singing in her sick sexy voice
deleria fevers dancing in her sick sexy skirt
she comes up real close
but her face is all distorted
oh it looks better from a distance i see
what distance…? im behind your eyes
says deleria whose a minute of hours
and as big as a mountain of mountains
shes screams at you in her silent whisper
she impresses you with her burning outline
she sears you
she sees you
she seize you
sickly confusion
giddy whirling twirling
overheated rut in the sky
where you slip outta focus
forget yourself they say
lose yourselves in us
phantoms in the haze
and they all have their story
and they all take your hand
pull you this way and that
overloaded with their sadnesses
white hot whispers
the light hurts your eyes
something thumps
and you come awake
awake to another level
awake to another devil
deleria fevers

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