posted on September 21, 2006 at 9:11 pm

eggo n the wiggly men up on a salt charge?
midget urine n vienna?
anthony n restaurant mark in atlantis?
krissy the grouper takes the hook line n sinka?
get painted n stone?
johnny garrett says something kinda ironic n pragmatic?
b bon can parlay voo fronsay?
gareth of notts joins love cult?
mr n mrs baal n zeus =hippy hippy shake?
staci grove sits on a log
pickin fleas off the back of her dog…oooh shes a nice cat!
i got on mah knees n i prayed to the sun
cos i knew my manhood had begun…
picture yerself as fool at a keyboard
typing a bloggy and rollin’ a spliff
somebody comments
you chuckle quite madly
that smartarse deserves quite a biff
eve n aurora appear on the shore-a
waiting to take you awa-ay
look for the one with the wiggly tooth n yer gone
killa in the sea with doodles
killa in the sea with doodles
ahhh ohhh!
maybe i am losing my tiny mind
hand shandy
you came n you gave without taking
but i sent you away
my ears arent ringing theyre screaming
every fuckin’ note that we ever played
still goin on n on inside my skull
my beard gettin longer n whiter (the anti-claus)
(sant a’claws)
my handsome face melting in the miasma of years
my sharp mind clouded with time n drugs n argy bargy
my memories foggy n unremembered
my eyesight dimmer not receiving at all
my hands feeble clutching at straws
my ego inflatable dolly
sucking me vapidly into a narcissistic void
my music a dull racquet
enki says hey nevets
its the beginning of sumer
zeus says
what the fuck?
howcome no one worships me anymore?
pan says little to the left
little to the right
newspapers say takeover rumours swirled round stockmarket
birds outside window say tweet tweet tweet
which in bird language means
ooh yer still a handsome olde parrot
dollar down
gold down
all ordinaries down
ducklings down
dont you ever listen?
dont you ever learn?
todd rundgren , did you really sing the cars songs?
on sunday im flyin’ to mellbin
to judge a songwritin contest
jesus christ!
has it come to this?
lovely song, young man
now just to get the words n music
and yer there!!
lovely song, young lady
have you ever considered a career in shoes?
i thought it was a wet tshirt contest i was judgin’….
(hes a liquid)
imagine if my plane crashes
how will i keep bloggin’ till nov 22?
i will communicate via ouija boards
are you out there nevets?
one knock
are you on the otherside
one knock
do ya like guys eatin pizza n watchin the footy?
2 knocks
describe the afterlife then
frantic knocking
whos there?
nevets who?
nevets yeb-lik!

i dont get it

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