posted on August 4, 2011 at 11:26 pm

anglo-saxon archetype

our four fathers further off

some brilliant ancestor with limed twigs

the history of world upon world

some other man now breaks through out of me

leaving his memories behind in this mind

a shattered mirror of impressions

a dark secret controlling almost everything

a schema for encoding response

a mistrust of measurement

a void of marine desert

a ceremony inverted in on itself meaning an opposite

my fingers curl round black nails

my wolf teeth my sloth claws

my hide beaten from silvered skin

man hunts man in the red dawn of prehistories inconclusive spats

names change meanings fade

the gods in all their forms and equivalents

and  demons set free by the ruthless twin pursuits of  buy and sell

we are shoeless in one eden

we are refused service in the next

our allusions are detached

our delusions are attached

tomorrow : more except not as good



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