posted on May 15, 2010 at 11:01 pm

pack up my stuff
stack up my puff
wheezy easy over just try to please me
mad as an ‘atter
mercurial poisoning
only eat one fish from these waters per lifetime
everybody actor
everybody child
everybody pretend
myself? i feign mild…….
yoga yoga yoga
slide back
get old
older still
snakes n ladders
but theres snakes on the ladders
but theres a sleep at the wheel
the strap left a weal
the knot cut into my vein
my future momentarily bulged
my past gaped
my present made your art- gro fonda
my singing up n down gods coast
my appearance in the discards
my fruitful over trick
my dummy hands
i sit dawdling wasting even more time
there goes a minute
now ya gotta minute less
i’m up north in the trops
killer gone troppo
dont comment if you dont wanna read this
dont listen if you dont wanna hear
dont be a flood or a desert
dont be fire or ice
be something nice
4 a change

$teve o’k

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