posted on June 25, 2009 at 9:28 pm

in truth
i dont care about what you say
if youre for me or against me
if you think i’m hot or not
or if you think im too old
or too small
or too harsh
or too easy
at almost 55
why should i give a flying fig…..
i AM grandpa steve
so get used to it
or bugger off
and i dress how i fucking like
n if my wife likes it (she does!)
thats enough for me
i am beyond any makeovers or dressing “nicely”
and uh
blah blah blah
voice in another room : aw you hurt the killers feelings

we played well in grand rapids
smallish crowd
biggish venue
but a nice crowd
enthusiastic n generous like most u.s. audiences
we pick up some radio interference in an amp
blah blah
we drive today thru the mother of all storms
like being on the bottom of the sea
i’m sitting in my hotel for a change before the gig
but i’ll be going down for soundcheck soon
am hungry and a bit non plussed
gotta fit in yoga n some ironing
gotta have 5 mins down thyme
heres a pic of me in my room
i not asking for advice
i’m just showing ya me in my room
tonite ferndale detroit
last time we had a brilliant nite here
the weather is rainy n gloomy however
dont let it put you off
come n see this unbuff spotty bag of bones
pensioner with the blurry eye
the ringy ears
and the ruined heartnlungs
and terrible clothes
who posts inappropriate pictures of his SHOULDERS
on his own blog
(the cheek,the hide)
rattle n stumble about onstage
at the magic bag
there may be some music
if you can tear your eyes off how awful i look
voice in another ego : ooh hes gone off the rails now

ok hope to see ya at the show fiendss
the withered one

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