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i am some writer living in some paris

typewriter days

nights of opium and women

yeah i know some famous people

my name should be on the door

inside my house is red and black

and white empty paper strewn carelessly

i write stuff like this

In the bar with some German Girls that Pierre met at the station

Ingrid and Somebody Else as usual Pierre never introduced any one

(properly) but I was talking to Ingrid and we were discussing the aristocracy

(I thought!) when some great German fellow rudely interrupted us and he and

Ingrid began arguing in German. I took this to be her fiance Rudy Neuman…….

a colossal blonde brute all muscle and swagger  …..he glared at me as he interrogated

poor Ingrid ….he was about forty and in excellent shape a real street bully type…

after a while i grew tired of his boorish manner and spoke to him in french

but this Rudy paid it no attention

so i told him in English to leave off and be the hell more quiet.

Ingrid turned to me

No Jean…. She said.

Too late I’m afraid.

The brute was at me and i took a hit to my eye at once

I clumsily stumbled and bumped my head on a chair

ten minutes later i was i a taxi

with Ingrid nursing my throbbing head,

she was drinking brandy from a silver flask

and singing something soft and hoarse in german

there there my little boy …she said when she saw me open my eyes

you were wounded for me in battle ….she pronounced it vounded

no no …not at all ….I protested

but  she smothered me in her lap all warmth and perfume and alcohol

soon she was stroking me all over …her strong hands under my suit …

Now see here …! i said muffled against her summer dress in that warm taxi.

Yes my child …? .she bent down and whispered tipsily in my ear…

her perfume and proximity were quite overpowering i can tell you…

Her hands reached into my shorts and grasped my manhood ….

Ah! she said happily as she moved her hand in the darkness.

Upfront the Taxi Cab driver i knew was a friend of Darlenes brother Roy.

He was watching all this in the backseat with interest…

He clucked his tongue as our eyes joined in his mirror.

But the german woman was getting out her large white breasts

and at the same time furiously trying to undress me!

Roy watched us intently and I do believe he was becoming aroused

He had stopped noticing the road ahead and with a superhuman

effort i leaped into the front seat while Ingrid held onto my Trousers

I took hold of the wheel in time for us to collide with Tremblay the local gendarme

He was unhurt but his motorcycle was a complete write-off!

I sat there in the front seat sans pants smelling of brandy whilst

crushing darlenes brothers friend Roy..who was not happy!

meanwhile in the back Ingrid sobbed uncontrollably

her ample bosoms heaving up and down spectacularly in rhythm

Well Jean …?.said Tremblay frowning like a dark cloud

Its ok …I said smiling …I think  i can explain…..!

Monsieur… said Tremblay …..This time it had better be good!







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