posted on November 12, 2013 at 9:44 pm
crescendo wand

crescendo wand


the violent rasp of the cello

the mounting terror of violins fill the sky

the cluster and buster of mighty drum

the beating throbbing host of heavenly ghosts

stabbing pain of holy lance the spear of every fear

inside the mind of a madman with crumbs

inside the facade when some strange darkness comes

on another plane strapped to the wreckage i shoot thru your night

when everyone as asleep i blaze away in light

when everybody dream i forced into the sight

when the warm bed reclaims you in blissful slumber

i alone trek into the sun

i alone when morningstar is done

i alone amongst these jagged peaks and the frames of ballets

the cast iron soul of greysky in the bluest day

when all fairyfloss drops have silently crashed at your feet

and the mightiest oak creeks in disbelief

as the wind and rain unroot themselves from outside your brain

and the whirling high branch comes clapping down again

across the seas antarctica patiently waits

as everything thaws and reopens closed up gates

not gone under we were frozen over

not gone under we were frozen over

melting now to meet you


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