posted on April 27, 2007 at 3:40 pm

nice gig
not too many people
thats a shame but we played well
i had some tofu n seitan for dinner
under a lovely tree outside under a warm evening sky
hamburg throbbed along oblivious to my presence
just as it still does now i have left
this travelling can make ya feel real impermanent
some times im unaffected
other times it becomes hard to keep afloat
i saw nothing of hamburg
i did nothing except play n sleep
yoga n xi gong of course
in the warm sun of a german hotel room
at 8 am this smorning
stretch my tired bones out
calm my mind down
i listen to popul vuh hosianna mantra
im listening to it now off my lappy
as i sit sit sit backstage
in hengelo holland
our last continental gig
in a small dutch town
we dont just randomly lurch about
its supposedly been figured out
availability of venues on certain nights
anyway i feel sad to leave europe proper
not looking forward to you know where
where we fly tomorrow on ryan airways
the wurst in the world that i been on
but theyre cheep, people
and so we get up real early
drive to la dusseldorf where i wish we were playing
fly to uk
drive to brighton
do a soundcheck
do a gig
have noivous brakedown
commit chop sueyside etc
i really dunno
the future is uncertain
i love the music
but but
i dont wanna get on aeroplane
i dont wanna feel exhausted n miffed
standing in queues n lines
today i drove half way from hamburg
traffic on dutch border starts to slow to crawl
roadwork then a roadblock
we talking a big arterial autobahn
friday arvo
all them germans pouring into holland
all them trucks n bikes n tourists n families
all grinds down to standstillion
our 2 lanes become 1 n a half
in our big van i feel like im getting the squeeze put on
between mammoth trucks n steel barrier
then all traffic is slowly diverted into a carpark
everyone on the teeming autobahn
gets filtered thru this carpark
we get waved thru
others in a party stopped searched minutely
dutch cops looking for drugs?
yep or alcohol
or anything you aint sposed to have
within half hour of arriving at giggy
i have been to coffee shop
n purchased jazz smoking materials
thanks i say to red headed dutch girl
who takes me to the shop
no problemsh she says in that strange dutch lilt
i needed to buy shome hashh for myshelf anyway
ok ok
oh its a little strong i must say
peter k procures some absinth
but im unconvinced its the “real deal”
if you think its all frivolity
just remember i did 5 hours in the effing van
flying down the bahn
or grinding to halts
i m writing my blogge
then some kinda dinner
(have no idea how good or what?)
yeah then a soundcheck
then a short lull
then wallop
a gig
boo hoo!

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