posted on March 27, 2013 at 11:08 am


going crazy in this world

six million animals executed every few days

their blood is screaming out

some new pope gets elected …big deal

have they apologised yet for the inquisition and  the witch burning?

have they apologised for all the other atrocities committed in christs name?

all the money theyve got …why dont they give that to the poor and needy

do you think almighty god is represented by these clowns in their gold slippers and tiaras?

do you think the force behind this universe and all life

some ineffable glorious power …is his main man on earth  this goose?

one look at the flowers in my garden tells me no!

one look at the ocean tells me no!

child molesting greedy wealth-accruing cardinals …what an absolute joke

meanwhile the west bombs children in the middle east …why?

nothing is certain

everything is a lie

the filthy rich get filthier

the beasts get slaughtered

the children get molested and bombed

cooking shows on tv with triple chinned “gourmets” and their love of meat

as if its a product that just got there

scientists (gee) say animals have feelings now…oh really…?!

thanks for letting us know that

scientists say (oh golly) that there is some mysterious event causing everything (really?)

(but dont call it god!)

i see the wages paid to australian politicians

some of these lazy slobs are earning six grand a week

while they figure out ways to reduce the dole for single mothers

i dont vote

i wont vote

for what

theyre the same thing

gillard abbott whoever

who cares anymore

what about the beasts ?

what about the poor?

what about the children ?

why do children with cancer have to sell raffle tickets while we are in afghanistan costing billions

to protect australia? ha ha yeah sure!

meanwhile in america you can get assault weapons but hundreds of thousands in jail for pot

yeah that makes sense sure doesnt it?

thanks for protecting us

thanks for yer GMO food which is killing off the bees n butterflies

(there is no business on a dead planet!)

thanks for suppressing cancer cures and promoting your rotten legal drugs

thanks for the booze and cigarettes and big macs

thanks for yer chemi-trails and yer fucking fluoride

what can you believe?

i believe nothing


this computer age has unleashed a wave of disinformation

everything is probably bullshit (maybe)

they can tell you this n that

but they cant tell you who killed JFK or why building 7  fell down (for no reason)

going to the airport they take away your scissors

and tube of blah-gel in case youre a terrorist..oh ha ha ha indeed

yeah i’m taking over this plane with my toothpaste

flying it straight into the opera house for allah mc jesus and the pope frank the wanker…

look at the people who run this world!

deceitful carnivorous ugly bloated oafs and bags

turncoats and traitors they dont give a fuck about you

and if they did theyd lose their jobs

fatsos on tv trying to lose that entertainment?

vile radio hosts and brutish rascals inane twaddle for empty headed nobodies

i still believe in god

but i hate this age we live in

and i am so sick of the killing!

and i am so sick of old white men justifying it

with their carefully calculated disinformation

listen to your fucking hearts my friends


listen to your hearts

and then

get back to me





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