posted on May 31, 2009 at 6:00 am

man he said
thats really something
showbiz gets us fooled
the hand is quicker than the eye
some old grunter canonized
the next old moaner shunned
who deals out the dead heads hands
fickle fate anointing yer feat
(what was his feet? …about 12 inches long)
what happens now?
the rest of time
here we are now living in the present
the past and future hover like shadows
one known and unchangeable
the other unknown and in flux
the coincidences come quicker n faster as it approaches
u#23 s appreciation due to warp in cozmic material
the zeitgeist travels in a smooth wave of intent
people are everything at once these days
like a story rewritten for hollywood
life is compressed into composite characters
and the plots speed up
the whirl is whirling pretty fast now
oh cant you feel it…..
the inexorable gravity of the ellipse…?
the earth is travelling through space unmanned
following an invisible course thru the stars
our sun itself is moving with us in relativity
the planets are all just sitting there
hurtling along in their place
as if as light as a feather
powered by some unending source
time …well it warps and it woofs
this is a dream i tell you it is a dream
and the dream is turning strange
as the dreamer starts to awake
and for a brief moment
it all comes together
or it all falls away
or it becomes crystalline rush clear
you perceive the perceiver
you wake up from your dream
cant remember a single thing
so too shall these moments seem
improbable snatches from someones story
an unpublished novel of marvels
an unsung song of immense beauty
and in that moment
all others will have their moments
all the moment you can deserve
in the future we will all be dead for fifteen minutes
live now
keep trying little steven
c’mon boy its only a few more yards
you cant win from here but ya gotta finish the human race
it wasnt supposed to be easy
and you went n made it a whole lot harder
you took on a lotta fights needlessly
you swung n you feinted
you moved aside and collided with fates fist
you tried to kick the sky in the eye
but you went arse over tip
and you hurt yer hip
there is something going on
and dont forget where you read it first
whatever happens from now on i claim to have predicted
i gotta premonition gonna neeed some ammunition
yeah some wise saint in the odd testament sang that
he rode into bethlehem , ma on the back of a ford transit
strumming a uke
snorting a nasal nuke
should be made a count or duke
saint who is no saint
the spy who came in for the cold drinks
a handy man in an aesthetic jam
as we all flow over the edge of the world
and out of history
and ride the falling times
let the real life begin therefor
gimme yer hands
coz yer wonderful
beyond all belief

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