posted on August 15, 2010 at 10:37 pm

thunder pants

the clouds turn into tortured beasts writhing in some roman game

out of a blue sky suddenly pours rain

like a grey cloak trailing behind it

lightning cracks like whipping the storm before it

frazzled droplets of rain suspended in the dizzying air

flash thru the sunlight a shoal of points of light

the barbarous beasts in the sky mutate above you

a 2 headed bear snorts in chained pained silence

the clouds twist into improbable shapes

its an improbable uni-verse

the sky is advertising the future now

the weather reforms itself into scalded luxury as in salmon pink

my stomach sinks to behold this wonder

but i cannot tell you why

sometimes the magnitude of these things

maybe its just nothing

nothing and everything seem so close these days

that is a temporary perspective

all i got some clever words i found outside

i’d present them as my own some other time

i guess the storm blew them in

i guess its easier that way

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