posted on February 3, 2008 at 12:41 pm

if you dont like drugs or transcendental experiences
dont bother reading this blog
if you like the version of reality they fed ya
dont bother commenting
with your “drugs is boring” cliches
for anyone else whos interested
about 2 hours ago i smoked DMT for the first time
the businessmans trip it only last 6-10 minutes
ive had it in my drawer for over a year
a gift from our own capt mission
smoked it in a little glass pipe that was hard to come by
the stuff is acrid
an instantly familiar taste
it hits straight away
from zero to a thousand in no seconds flat
the speed of thought
a buddha hanging on the wall changed
its aspects constantly in flux
my wife sitting opposite me trailing energy fields
her face like a south american mask
struck by her classic timeless features
ricki sitting up close
his face is quite flushed
geometric flashes
kaleidoscopic symmetrical tiny stars
we look at vishnu in bondi my painting
behind the glass vishnus face modulates
his eyes bulge and swim
he smiles and winks
the gems on his helmet become real
he is lit from within by luminous blue light
nk is gazing at a ganesha wall hanging
the elephant gods beautiful eyes seem to brim with
compassionate tears
his pink skin is smooth and radiant
he becomes 3D like you could walk on in there to him
a painting of natalie and aurora moves of its own accord
they are in rippling motion behind the glass
the movement is like underwater
i have several more hits of the stuff
it only lasts a short time
no deep deep thoughts
kind of cartoony
very relaxing
very entertaining
proving there is more out there
than you can believe
if you just took your blinkers off
now i feel pleasantly drowsy
mmm nice
can i have some more?????

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