posted on December 16, 2014 at 8:46 pm
red my book

red my book

trippers i am the freak

am he who am she who am you and me

bangers i am the transubstantial poet in black velvet and grey chord

dazed by a fever i bear down on these keys full of a glorious madness

let a museum of memories explode over  les folies 

old theatre hound bound down before you everyday in anyway you want me

i peddle these thoughts some which i bought with my own blood

i hum the drumming thumbs that rolling sound when tambourine mountain

hurls back the deluge at the boiling ocean sky

girls approach me from out of a forest i almost know why

i summon the glum lord slum lord of storm and steel

but why would anything listen to me..?

strung out in a web of lows

struggling for the sure

nevertheless i am no less clever than your average fool

for the ghoulish a pool of bleach and wheres my kohl

older times in sepia soft glow

spin that wheel upon the bumpy airspeed tho

everything you think you know is tray faux

i dont need to take any dope

for fucks sake cant he be the great white hopeless ?

i am the in to the inner

i am the sin after dinner

i am the crook old fox

the thud within your heart box

i slide down any madness in freefall

this is why i get paid the (gulp) big bucks

that is why

that dark matter sucks





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