posted on August 11, 2007 at 7:21 am

due to the most loathesome doof doof
coming up thru the flaw
i have moved out onto my back steps
from where i can see the hubba bridge
and some tall city scrapers silohuetted against the sunset
birds call n answer in the preternaturally warm dusky evening
the trees of the eastern suburbs rub against the light
producing a hallucinatory effect
the tiny leaves and dark shapes
white flowered hedges in gentle motion
honeysuckle fills the air
and the tibetan or nepali neighbours incense
paying homage to buddha n ganesha
the earth and the sun and the rain
have produced a thousand different things
out of the same ingredients
out of themselves springs forth life and more life
bee ant moth worm flower bark sap pollen
the agents of life
life which animates matter
where does this life come from?
to me
its not looking like an accident
not tonight
with the privelege of my little balcony
the pot plants with white stones
the almost soothing sound of distant traffic
between the people and the sea
everyday i bathe in the oceans briny coldness
the air caresses my skin
no thats not just a cliche…it really does
soft runs along my aching calves n tired wrists
occaisionally a dogs deep bark carries on the wind
different bird noises fade in n out like williams radiotronics
the air over the city goes orange
then pale yellow
then deep shades of blue falling down
the air over the ocean is a delicate lavender
a plane flies overhead a long way up
its getting dark now
a weird light is cast upon the lapptopp
the houses in the street change colour
the shadows sharpen
people go off to parties
drink alcohol
take drugs
cocaine hags gobble ecstatic oafs
pissed young bucks giving it all away
in the kitchens the oddballs losers n virgins accumulate
in the gardens the footy hero talks cars with his mates
in the swimming pool
under the blue water
some young fool is full of vodka n holding his breath
cars pull up in the driveway
dealers with little coloured envelopes
which makes em feel cold
little doses of euphoria n depression
white powders seducing your resistance
people in the bathroom screaming n carrying on
bleeding laughing living dreaming
a pizza gets delivered and knocked over in the carpet
your girlfriends little brother passes out
in the arms of a tranny
and the police have just pulled up over the street
some guys have gatecrashed
“wheres the women n drugs ?” they demand
of your parents who came back home early
the lights are on the blink
and that stupid prick billy franklin
has chucked dayglo gloop everywhere
people are vomiting
trying to get in n out
drunk stoned and raging wildly
charged up like a plutonium amex
not me boy though
ha ha
im sitting back in my little room
surrounded by my guitars n pastels
by my paper n my paintbrushes
a tube of manuka honey face cream
a statue of the patron saint of lost things
blu tack and a pencil
beyond this room the doodles argue
the baby coos
nk with her pod on earphones cooks din dins blissfully unaware
minna arrives for dinner
tonight im on telly in triffids special
i look a bit too excited for my own goode i reckon
a bit too self satisfied…..
a family night at home tonight
surrounded by females
deep in the bosom of the family
render me calm n serene

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