posted on October 15, 2007 at 6:06 am

the doodles have turned 8
a lucky man i am
my wealth in children
aurora jk and eve sk
my oh my you make your daddy proud
oh theyre so….well built people say
well made
very kind kids too
unlike me
i was not a kind kid
but the doodles
aw shucks
that most tedious thing
a father gushing over his kids
god i love them
god thank you
russell was a kind kid
john too
oh he was ultra-nice
but me…?
i was like a little loki
in the bosom of our extended family
i broke up an engagement once
my cousin brian
engaged to a lady with a large nose
cmon i was 5 or 6
gee though
when i said
cor lady, you aint ‘alf gotta big nose
all hell broke loose
the lady was nasally overample as they might say today
soon after the engagement was off
she felt all his rellies thought she had a big nose
just cos this one little evil illmannered sod
had blurted out the inevitable truth
as plain as the nose on…..
well i know you can smell a cliche a mile away
anyway i guess she packed her trunk (geddit) and nicked off
oh i have to work so hard to even be civil
let alone nice
i think johnny winston o’boogie had the same problem
see him in those beatles movies
he liked to shake up the status quo a little
he was cranky and bitter and ranting and rambling too
course he practically invented rock music though
and i didnt
i just carried on in his foot steppes
and even lesser luminaries follow in my wake
so gee itd be nice to be nice
what is it in me that is just waiting to get out of its cage
baby you know its what gives me my fucking edge
thats what the others lack
a good edge
dylan gotta edge
bowie…ooh watch out
i bet he was a doozy in his day
specially after a line or 2
neils got the edge
unlike those other 3 in csny
pattis got the edge
mick n keith loads of edge
elton john no edge whatsoever
justin timberlake utterly edgeless
kate bush edge
tori crazy but edge
u2 they have the edge but not an edge (imhfo)
rem so unbelievably edgeless
deadwood hooo loads and loads of nasty edge
although thats a tv show of course
wow as im writing this
i realise how important this edge thing is
andre breton
dylan t
van gogh
they all got edge
can you define edge?
i’ll give ya its negatives
namby pamby mundane schmaltzy insincere tedious
syrupy conservative “straight”
edge is living it
edge is refusing to listen
edge is first hand field experience
eg dont preach about derangement of the senses
unless you have deranged your own
ha ha
youd be surprised how many rabble rousing journalists
are incendiary in print only
in real life they turn out to be portly and cowardly
i suppose then edge is, to me, belief
belief in the value of some intangible feeling
and that feeling and its transmission
give you some kinda energy
more energy than money or food or even drugs
because moneydrugsfood can fuck your edge and energy
eg marc bolan who i idolised
in a couple of years he was so awful
and so edgeless
he didnt even know himself!
if you want a sobering experience
listen to
a beard of stars
made in 69/70
listen to that attention to detail
listen how bolans gone out of his way
to create a crazy detailed mixture
of medieval fantasy and rocknroll
each word beautifully enunciated
each word carefully chosen in its place
a wonderful english poet
ah his strange and lovely voice
the way a faun would sing and play a les paul
exquisite wah wah
a wah wah speaking liquid volumes of love
familiar instruments but put together to produce this
something from another world
another time
what? my friends from school would say
is he singing in old english or something?
yes bolans a bit shakespeare
a puck or an ariel maybe
anyhow when he did this he had edge
not macho edge now mister
no no
marc was the edge of a fantastic dandy
a wide eyed ladykiller
a bopping elf
a mere 3 years later
done over by money food drugs
had lost it
the edge was blunted flat chat
listen to anything after slider if you can
a couple of singles ok
(sound of something melting into a turgid puddle)
funny how things erode people
like the weather erodes mountains
you stand there in time
things rush past you
come into contact with you
rub over you
hit you
soak into you
take chunks out of you
scratch you up
and dent you
fame ooh thats a coarse element in human erosion
look what it did to el vis
he was a nice guy
but fame had done his head in
and food
and drugs
marilyn too
and britney
and belushi
and poor fuckin’ jimbo
who had more edge than ive had toasted tomato sandwiches
iggy pop a cat with edge
steve tyler too in a showbiz way
sigur ros
king crimson
i guess all my faves had or got some kinda edge
people i dont really like with edge too
rappers and metals
not the edge i like tho
too much aggression is like too much docility
both are tedious
an artist must provide light and dark within his own work
the comparison must be able to be made within
i dont want 100 % of just one quality
unless its strangeness
unless its euphoria
unless its delight and joy and bliss
ok i’ll take them in lieu of variety
some turkey bawling in my face bores me
i get tired of all that shouting
all that purposeless intensity
gimme some opposites!

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