posted on January 5, 2008 at 9:01 pm

good good morning
im sitting here with
eve kilbey
and aurora kilbey
and scarlet kilbey
its sunday morning
good morning doodles
a + e: good morning dad
how are you doodles today?
e: good
a: cmon….can we have an interview
so… are school holidays?
a: great…gettaway from school…
e: theyre terrific!
how are you guys liking the northern lights book?
a : its really good …its got my name in it
e: pretty good
scarlet talking about her bears which she calls beers
scarlet calls ice blocks bock-ocks
scarlet calls ice creams deems
scarlet calls planes bains
scarlet did her first wee wee in the potty yesterday
(hosanna hosanna, hallelujah !)
the weather here is….
a: what i would call cloudy
e: it could rain….
sorry doodles
i gotta go to work again today…..
a: what?
do you hafta go to work
you went to work yesterday
e: can you have a time off from work?
what did you doodles hope to do today?
e: go for a swim
a: i dunno…have some fun…
if i was from another planet…could you doodles
tell me what fun is…?
a: well fun is a goodtime n being up to mischief…sorta
e: lemme think….no no…i need to hold my tongue….
hmmmm woofle doesnt say much….
scarlet: dad car beer doodle be baa bow deem bear beer
doodles…would you rather be boys???
a: no…thats my final word
(scarlet demands a bock-ock)
bock-ocks for breakfast….nanna joyce wouldnt like that..
we didnae have bock-ocks for breakfast …
scarlet: ooh ohh i gotta bock-ock…!
scarlet offers bock-ock to daddy
hey doodles…wheres mummy-o?
a: easy …shes sleepin’
doodles..who you like best…me or mummy-o?
a: would you not ask me that question…its hard to choose
e: both
(what a cop-out!)
doodles, what instrument would ya like to play?
a: drums…no no..i mean…i dunno..maybe …shakes head
e: drums
what job would ya hate to have?
a: working in an office definitely all the way
e: in a little office…theres more…for ten hours
come home at ten at night…..uh huh
doodles, would ya like to rock n roll?
a: what does that mean?
e: uh….not really…actually kind of
a: what does that mean?
doodles, dont ya know what rocknroll is?
a: uh i guess its a noisy band but sorta a little famous..or a lot
e: um big loud band that blows yer ears out
scarlet sucks on her bock-ock thoughtfully
i cant believe i let em have bock-ocks for breakfast
hmmmm…anything else youd like to say
a: uhhhh…i dunno..
like to play a game of cluedo?
(i shake my head)
e: i could play a game of cluedo….
eve is a beautiful child like a young sophia loren
chestnut wavy hair with hints of blonde and auburn
my daughters are my wealth i guess
doodles, have you seen yer big sisters lately?
e: no…
not interested in em?
e: theyre not really interested in us….
the doodles n woofle become bored n wander off
its a cool grey sunday morning
ive not had much sleep
but it seems i dont need much sleep or food these days
a; i aint had much sleep either…im gonna make my own blog, dad
she starts drawing on some cardboard…
eve reads a book to scarlet
a: who invented the computer…?
they shoulda put it in alphabetical order…
its very very quiet out there
sensible people sleep in…eg nk still asleep
but little kids n olde rockers are awake
been writing in studio with band
oh my ears are ringing…
i feel hungry and nauseous
i feel tired but not sleepy
in just another 4 hours i’ll be rocking again
scarlet runs round trying to get people to read her a book
aurora brown eyes
eve hazel eyes
scarlet pale blue eyes
daddy grey eyes
mummy closed eyes
birds call out there
sydneys eastern subs slumber on
people wakin’ up next to strangers… (shudder)
they think uh oh what have i done…?
i like this part of being a fambley manne
sunday morning….no regrets…easy
constantly surrounded by attractive young females
lucky daddy boy
lucky olde rocker
lucky doodles n woofle w/ bock-ocks
lucky duckling nk sleepy sleepy
lucky twillies never get up before noon
lucky us in a time of peace
lucky whales…nice japs doin’ research..what kind little men…!
lucky planet…all warmed up n getting warmer
lucky universe…having humans to explain everything
lucky readers…fresh time being daily
lucky listeners..painkiller n k/k n new churchy
lucky triffids …me singin’ with em sydney festival
lucky killer singing with kev carmody at state theatre
lucky people havin’ me at their private party jan 26
lucky everybody
hip hip hooray!
scarlet says moon daddy blues clues daddy puppy moon moon
daddy says
yawn….jesus…yawn…oh….uh….blah blah blah
ocean says sure
birds say tweet tweet
dogs sleeping are let lie
nk appears
scarlet : hi mum…daddy biggle bock -ock mum mum biggle
ah domestic violence….errr i mean ..bliss!

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