posted on November 5, 2010 at 6:37 pm

strange days we live in

bad luck coming down the tube

weird coincidences abound

evil alignment

a hideous idiot causes more trouble for everyone

even hearing its voice makes my stomach churn

more drama more tension more angst

good things are happening too….!

i had a nice sold out gig in maitland nsw last night

yeah i did well

an evening with moi

i talk i sing i read i rave on n have a laff

i present an award on sunday at opera house

suddenly my marginal utility has increased

the church tour is selling well

my eldest twins turned up last week

tomorrow they leave with the doodles n scarlet

who are going to have 2 months in sweden incl/ white christmas

nk is going to the u.s. on sunday for some time

we need some time apart

i will be on my own n lord how i need a holiday

at least now i can get some work done

tho i will miss my kids bitterly

but i think they will enjoy sweden for a spell

i need a rest

im cracking up

one thing after another

blows for n against my empire

changing of the guard

no more hassles for a while i hope

im behind with my painting

im behind with my blogging

im behind with my music

im behind with my yoga n swimming

im behind with my emails

im behind with my friends who i have seemingly neglected

ive been tangled up in some stupid drama but soon i will be free

im just gonna do some reading n some writing

get my commissions done

enjoy summer

enjoy my tour

enjoy my own company

one day i will tell this story but its too raw now

i have some dear friends tho

i have a new personal manager whos gonna look after me

im gonna get stuck into what i do best : work!

looking forward to my church tour too

have you heard gb3 yet? its fucking great

kilbey kennedy coming soon

david neil is gonna get sorted

isidore is percolating in jeffrey cains brain

new church recordings

and loadsa wonderful showbiz opportunities

i need some space n time to recover from a mad sad bad six months

i need some peace n quiet n i need some friends

then i can churn out some more stuff i hope youll like

got some good people on my side

people liked my speech, eh?

yeah gimme my own fucking show then

wait till ya see me in my (borrowed ) expensive suit

premium sk coming soon on this site

there will be new stuff for the premium purchasers

its taking a bitta time but its coming

more music more vids more everything

sad to hear about james freud

i hate fucking alcohol

i’m sick of the chaos it causes

thats it i guess

im coming back better than ever

see you soon


goodbye woofle n doodles for a while

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