posted on April 21, 2007 at 9:52 am

who knows
who knows
not me
where are you
in breakfast room amsta hotel
how was the gig
tired drunk stoned n good good
but not scintillatingly good
just good
in a loud numb rocknroll good
wham bam a lop bam ka boom
sound rushing in my ears like a river
drowning in electronic racket
bass like a rubbery throb boom boom boom
the words
who dealt this hand
poor singer
singer poor
pour it all out
sort it all out
yeah yeah cruising down this shuddering info hiway
posting posting posting
my life……
can you imagine
so tired
im so tired
sleep sleep sleep
stoned n over n out
green genie out of its bottle
the white widow is following me
with the body of shiva
but i get up n do yoga
i eat bread n jam for brekfast
i do qi gong in my narrow cell like room
i squeeze in all the prana i can get
im worn out
need to fade to black
too much life
head heavy
aching head
so many mistakes
i make so many mistakes
always getting it wrong wrong wrong
heavy headaching hangover
eyes photosensitive
the grey holland spring sky dazzles me eyes
the clock on wall goes tick tick never tock
it s noon
another day on erf
another gig to play
2morrow long drive
but tonite
utrecht holland
you gotta love it baby
you gotta let it roll
you gotta thank lord vishnu
for another chance to rock
the most liberal n sensible country on earth
good on ya nederlands
its on
lemme rock
its only natural
i will

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