posted on June 16, 2010 at 6:34 am

you on your own
fooling round with a camera in an empty room
or being born again
or walking along some pier stretching across leaden waters
you see people in restaurants drinking booze n eating cuisine nouveau
you see homeless wrecks shivering in the winter afternoon
you see the snobs and slobs and blobs the bits n bobs
betrayed delayed afraid
calm now in determination
hysteria not for me
flowery words wilting on the page
promises become threats
i walk along and i laugh to myself
i walk along thru the endless ages
the son of man
getting warmer getting colder
i need no one
i need no food no drug no orgasm no money
self contained self restrained
i look for nothing
yet i see everything
i am a singer in a show
i appear n i go
surrounded by flash and bang
i am a stillpoint
i look out at you all
i sing from a million miles
under pressure
burns a building down
splits a family in 2
puts people on the street
i read my name in the paper
my current name that is
i realize more n more that is not me
over a double barrel
inside a double helix
i sit with the performers and talk
i joke with the crew
i pause in the limelight
never so weak or powerful
double your trouble back guarantee
disgracefully graceful
i even confuse myself
head on ism
oh i only feel the cold
good calm cold
the grim winter
the dumb summer
the double edged sword
the panther in his winter
i’m not your 20th century man oh no
an unknown in an unknown land
its quiet i talk to myself
finally someone who makes sense
my double whispers in that drawling accent
half english half australian half asleep
half life
double shot
clear headed
across between fox and cat
i purr with my phlegmy engine
my calves sacrificed to the bitter wind
i cough up tears
i cry blood
i leave my body : a trial separation
i wanted to be like everybody else but it was never on
a unique nobody i blow down acland street
double back
buy a coffee
buy some time
double time
sick of women sick of men
double sick double cured
i licked smack
i smacked lick
i fought my own double
and was double whipped
i double and redouble your bid
my head is an entertainment centre
i book seats at my own show
black n white double features
orpheus comes n goes through mirrors
ulysses in his black beaked ship
siegfried drenched in dragon blood
joe schmoe at some karaoke night
good with words
bad with numbers
double 6 double 6 double 6
dabbles with doubles
i leave my body again
i leave your body again
i always loved jesus
i meet him in the darkening park
we sit in stony silence
until its time for me to go in
my mother calls me….listen :
i enter by the stage door
some grizzled ex angel nods and winks
fucking singers he thinks …what a joke….
i go down deep into the orchestra pit
where my lyre is waiting to tell its lies
music sweet music
sing us a song your the lyre man
and make it a double
and make it on the double
and then
double up

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