posted on April 5, 2008 at 7:58 pm

pessimystic cloak round my shoulders
dark days drugged stupor
sleep through meeting
ears ring on in an envelope of limitation
everything makes me angry
nothing gets done im just mucking around
fear fear fear
premonitions threaten out of earshot eyeshot
car chugs down rainy lanes
people argue in the driveways
hopeless look in your eyes
becalmed in 2008
the earth and everything on it seems doomed
insects multiply everywhere
the stars shift
the moon comes closer
evil omen : black cat catches white dove
gifts are lost
wounds remembered
age of squabbles
age of small print disclaimers
time is revealed as a mirage
there never was any time
or time beings
time is gone
time is up
time is not on time
go ask alice
go ask kafka
go ask your mother
cant get around it or under it
it aint there
you cant stop it
hang on to it
appreciate it
it dont matter
time is not matter
in the time it takes
to read this blog
something significant probably happened

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