posted on June 13, 2009 at 10:49 pm

san francisco
we fumbled
we bumbled
we stumbled
technical difficulties derail us
we lose our momentum
i become derailed demoralised
i become unfocussed
my genii frees himself and pisses off
and sits in the rafters laughin’
ricky maymi says “dont put that”
why not?
weve just been to the apple shop where i
bought a new computer
having obtained a bitta van advance
tim bought a bigger n better one than me
good on ‘im then, eh?
yeah san fran had its moments
it did
some great bits
i put super glue on the blister, sister
but as it inexorably peels off
my fingers were sticking to the strings
and getting stuck
then the blister came back into contact
with the strings
and it was fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
i was disappointed
if you liked the show
if you did
then i take nothing from your enjoyment
unfortunate conditions
we tried n we failed
next we have long drive to portland ore-gone
takes 2 days
my sat night
sitting or driving van in u.s. wilderness
i love you guys

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