posted on May 24, 2006 at 2:43 pm

morning or evening fiendss
i cant tell
im in hong kong airport
waiting for my flight to london
so far so good
my valiums n panadeine fortes are keeping the back pain at bay
i gotta seat on my own on way here
so my claustrophobia didnt bite too badde
ive just turned on my lappy
and got connected straight away
having said all that
not much to report really
on my way to budapest
never been in eastern europe before
and its spring…
im sure therell be a little friction when east meets west
but it cant be helped
there were a buncha hungarian kids at bully high
they were all quite nice too
have no real preconceptions at all
will let it all happen as it wants
i no longer need to control things
the way i once tried to
and lifes easier that way
i hadda last minute panic
when my ipod locked up
but the lovely laetitia helped me unlock
at the last moment too
taxi waiting n everything
was quite despondent
it just needed a little jiggery pokery
laetitia youre promoted to
lady of the sk realm
lady laetitia of coogee arise
for services to the great cause
as you can imagine fiendss
im not really in a raconteur mode rite now
so i may save my battery
wish you all a good morning
or whatever the fuck it is where you are
i love you all
bye bye
sk weary correspondent

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