posted on March 16, 2008 at 7:47 pm

strange dream
dreaming of dave mccomb
long detailed
we’re gonna make a record together
something vaguely protesting in my mind
but but but
nk is in dream with me
we turn up to studio
its like an olde warehouse
lots of machinery n contraptions
things in the way
the engineer does most of the talking
the place is dark uncomfortable
they even have a bed for us to sleep in
but sometimes theres others in there too
david seems elusive
i listen to some of the songs hes recorded
the songs are flat
the performance is wooden
everything seems to take hours n hours
i get lost just entering n exiting the room
a maze of olde bits of junk n stuff
people wandering round
i dont know whats going on
im trying to write n record but its all too hard
theres someone in our bed when we want to sleep
david just sometimes sits there
my mind nagging me….not right, not right
where is davids spark
where are the songs
my dream refuses to re animate him
the engineer seems to be the dreams apologist
he keeps trying to explain why everything is the way it is
he says that we gonna do a gig too
i go outside
people are lined up to see us play
i feel troubled by this
i walk up the line to see who they are
ive got a horrible pair of huge boots my pants are tucked into
uh oh..are these davids..?
the people in the line are rude or ignore me
some lady-boy character is twirling a baton expertly
you should try putting that skill into playing a guitar i say
the lady-boy sneers
an old guy makes some crack about me
i stop to stare at him
but he keeps up the cheek
its all going wrong
back at the gig/studio/factory
theyre letting in kids in school uniforms n everything
davids just sitting there mute
the spin doctor engineer rabbits on ten to the dozen
someones sleeping in our bed
and we’re so tired
i wake up mercifully
scarlets in our bed
and shes grabbing onto me in her sleep
the thin grey light of dawn fills our room
the blinds lightly clacking against each other
last night i stood on a piece of glass
and then twisted before i knew what happened
nk pulls out bloody shard
today my foots throbbing
im one million emails behind
people to contact
things to arrange
still waiting for march royalties to come in
the bastards hold on as long as they can
to squeeze the extra interest out
ah weariness
here we go…..

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