posted on July 28, 2015 at 8:41 pm


oh slippery sliding snakes and elusive ladders

plunge among the falling ones

yonder mister tomb stoned angel indeed i am

dream robber the subtle thief all clothed in doubt

entangled in a mesh of thoughts congealed in sleep

as winters bitter words are described  in a seldom read chapter

or down by the wild sea all froth and spray or in some dim cafe

dreaming that we all die but of course it will come undone soon

splendid in the grassy plains of some other king of spades

in elysiums forgetful glades gliding distracted and fading

in tangential turns then burns up in atmospheres

i imagine the worst which is usually the first thing

in memory’s jaws i stop and pause

the doors to some kingdoms blocked locked out forever

cloud like stud like storm like bed like mouth like earth

i shrink down inside these dreams tumbling through the membranes gaps

in tormented freezing nights i awake over and over to find i am gone

i’d reach out but there are a thousand yous and only one me

weeping weeping as youre sleeping sleeping

i am leaping from thing to thing swinging on a star

i am singing in your ear i know you sometimes cant hear me

the ground resounds to the unbound soul of power

therefore slake your thirst take it first

and shake it

for another hour




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