posted on March 23, 2007 at 1:48 am

barry mundi
his wife kisses his back
youve been such a good boy
oh baby oh baby oh baby
she crouches over him kissing his back
and whispering things
the air flows through their room like silk
and the air evaporates the moisture on them
and they feel so cool so cool
oh you saint of a man barry mundi
oh how your sweet wife adores thee
kiss you so softly
her blonde hair dangles on your shoulders
her kisses traverse your back
insinuating themselves into your spine and chakras
oh i love you baby
she says against your skin so only god can hear
delightful woman breathes summer into your skin
as you lie there
as you lie there today in the autumnal sun
as you lie face down on your bed
and your little wife kiss kiss caress caress
drift now drift
your wife opens your flesh
and you slip out at once
and fly out of the room
somewhere indefinable
if you could define this place
you would be the greatest of all poets
and the master of all mathematicians
music is there for the taking
and art
oh if you could bring one picture back
sentient colour implodes in divine symmetry
reds becoming purple becoming black becoming white
ah but theres the rub
so hard to bring it all back home
try now try
try to steal these treasures
suddenly its all gone
and youre back in youre room
and shes still kissing your back
and you can remember the impressions
but not the particulars
you hear the wonder of the music
but not any of the notes
poor dreamhusband
barry mundi

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