posted on December 22, 2009 at 9:24 am

another day
another being
sweet childe in time
i am a long haired youth on a motor scooter in newcastle 1970
i am a lover waiting in a garden
i am a crippled prince in a tower
i am the goat girl from the caucasian mountains
i am a fisherman in siam
i am a witch
i am a cardinal
i am an artist
i am a grave digger
i been so old and so young
so ugly n so beautiful
i had the most lovely voice…like velvet people said it was..
and i had an ‘orrible voice when i was a bawling centurion
oh baby i had n been had
i died i wuz born i was nailed up i was carried in a litter
i delivered babies i delivered the deadmans hand
i know it
i can feel it
over n over n over n over
worlds without end
you dont know the half of it
the truth is wonderful n weird
and oh baby love is strange
i’m getting closer
i’m breaking through
i’m banging my head on this theoretical brick wall
i remember i forget
i’m repulsively magnetic
i’m kindly cruel
i’m cleanly dirty
i’m a stupid poet
i speak for every no one
i speak for the rioting plants
i speak for the tree i love
i speak for all the spokesmen
i speak for only my selves
i am wild i am inchoate
i’m as tame as a little kitten
i break your heart with happiness
i make you smile coz i’m so sad
kilbey kilbey kilbey
a meaningless mantra my man
ego id ego id
give me money
give me love
give me privacy
give me anonymity
give me advice i wanna hear
help me to understand all this nonsense
america shocks me……can i come n live there?
swedens winter worst….but summer best
my england doesnt understand me….nor does my australia
the fuckin’ french dont buy my records
nor do the berbers or turks
the japs dont grok my groovy trip
the jehovahs witnesses didnt see a thing
that leaves just you
leaves you with the one million mes
which one did i deal out to ya?
i like yoga n vegan food tick
i like to strum my olde fendah bass tick
i like to take all (ALL) the drugz tick
i like them pretty daughters tick
i like a lazy life tick
i like nay love to talk about myself tick
i dont know much about anything mister cept rock tick
i started painting too late…i coulda been a contender tick
i know a bit about the ancients n their olde carryon tick
i like that blue god mr vishnu krishna shiva rama lama ding dong tick
i like l’amour physique tick
my clock goes tick tock but never tock tick
i like mangos and banana and date n strawberry smoothie tick
with rice and soy milk tick
i dont like ww1 tick
i dont like heavy metal or country or trad jazz tick
i like to make long meaningless random lists tick
i like it now my band coming back into vogue tick
but i dont really give a toss tick
but still it’d be nice tick
imagine if england were to finally embrace me….tick
tick tick tick
none of the above
yep thats right
i’m just being me
i dig jaime r n his devotion
i dig big smiles kate n her determination
i dig andy n the dudes n i dig em NOW!
i dig davem cos he understands me
i dig dr n jt for expertise
i dig hj for making it happen
i dig nk for good good lovin’…the best ever actually
i dig as who is a lovely sister in law
i dig love
i dig luxury
i dig a hot n cold shower n i dig crisp sheets
i dig warm balmy evenings
i dig having all this energy
i dig a singer called iota
he sang at tims party and he blew my socks off my ears
WOW! iota…..what a singer……
i dig mwp n pk cause they can fucking play guitar like all get out
i dig tee pee because he is the thinking mans drummer
and we work well together
i dig rm cause he is like a son to me n i am oms godfather
so what do you ask?
nothing i answer
i just spout off a loada stuff whenever i want
hey i had over a million reads off this stuff
a million n a quarter reads….wow
if only if only if only
maybe its just a few people reading it over n over again
maybe the stats are wrong
maybe i just cant add up straight
or lie in bed crooked
or why cant i go gently into that good night
because i got apart to play in yer lives
i wont let ya down no no no never again
its all gonna be sweet sweet sweet
yeah uh uh huh in spades
for sure

i like to h

englands too blah…….why dont they like me?

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