posted on October 6, 2010 at 3:02 pm

haze 0-6 at 13.03

unreality truly sets in

some other geezer  not  kilbey wakes up

wakes up in the middle of my dream

its the morning he gets up tries to remember the names

outside its warm soft and fuzzy

glide down the street to the swimming pool

his legs seem springy and oh how he strides along

listen to some music on the headphones

listen to some jazzy piano thingy

listen to the echoes stretch into the distance

cotton wool world

arrive n dive into the cold pool

he hardly notices the shock of the green water full of seaweed and particulate matter

the limbs do the swim

the head outside of itself

he is baffled at what is happening

this vast show with cast and crew

here in this green pool numbed down n finally free

he who is/was me kicks lazily through the water

the sun shines warmly

the rain falls as the tiniest almost imperceptible shivery points

your arm tingles as it drifts down

the seaside suburb is in a dream

they are all asleep at their roles

they are all dreaming they are awake

sit in the blistering sauna after cold pool

i chat to the sweating people in there

i mean everybody knows me

he pretending to be me

talks in some laconic dopey way

as the sweat gushes in the incredible heat

but inside my head its icy cool no one really home

the geezer in the mirror some middle ages australian dial

christ whole days are wasted in weird follies

paranoia got me by the jollies

i slink thinkless shadowing somebody i feel a fool

i’m lost hiding in the doorway of a shop

i cant wake up from any of these dreams

i cry but its hard to cry

i reach out but its hard to reach out

i tell the truth but its hard to tell the truth

i live but its hard to live

i love but its hard to love

and i leave

but its hard to leave

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