posted on December 8, 2006 at 8:00 pm

overcast warm morning
will write blogge then take los nipper doodelles
to la plage and la mer
buy some pears…yeah you know the usual routine
im list’ning to mimesis 2 the instrumental record
polinski n co are ambient geniuses
unbelievable textures n depths
whirling whorls of marine music
tender romantic piano
distant emotionless shards
aching strings
lovely rubbery double bass….the real thing!
spanish guitars n fizzing percussion
god all i had to do was open my mouth….
how could anyone get this music wrong….?
polinski n colin n co
theyre creating this sublime music
music implying so much
is it possible to wring more meaning out of music than this?
i just had to open my mouth
the music it was filling my head
dragging the words out
rolled up as they were
in my mind
waiting for this music to waken them
this first track i listen to now
im an ideal sk
young sk
or little sk
im in this caravan down the south coast
its in this beautiful little caravan park
tho no one else seems to be staying there
my caravan is always warm n cosy
i seem to live on tea n toast which is always there
i watch the fish in the little stream
maybe i go to the beach
and walk alone that lonely stretch of shore
just like erskine
wondering vaguely where those 2 sets of 2 girls are
but maybe that never happens either
or if it does
the next day i will instantly forget
i feel like at last
im on holiday
a blessed holiday, fiendss
i aint ever goin’ back to work now
im just reading books and relaxing
drinking tea in the empty caravan park
oh finally gone the constant anxiety inculcated into me
ever since i could think
feeling exposed
feeling stripped of my shields
feeling naked
but now
here in this old but comfy caravan
is peace AT LAST
no more rat race
no more dog eat dogfood
cat eat catfood
but who eat soulfood? world
no more heres yer place on the ladder
no more argy bargy n carry-on malarkey
no more heres your desk n get workings
no more where you been?
no more whydja doo that?
no more im lonely, tired, frightened,hungry
no more oh no i cant believe its true….
no more nomores…..
cant you see
this warm caravan in this silent verdant meadow
these swaying trees
the oaks n gums n the weeping willows
bending down along the stream that runs to sea
the bees n the tiny yellow flowers
my books about…..
my mug of sweet tea
my toast with hanks jam
my comforting darkness inside during the noon sun
my soft grey shorts splattered faintly with paint
my flannelette shirt rolled up to the elbows
theres no one to ring
theres no one to see
theres nothing i have to ever do
just potter about
feeling peaceful
and how long does this go on for
well you see
as each day is almost the same as the last
and same as the next
they blur into each other
the mornings roll into the nights
the nights deliver me up each morning
safe n sound n sleepy
the yellow sun
the cobalt blue sky
the surf gently crashing
(but the time has stopped within my dream sings todd r)
one day
an intruder
who who is here
who is here in MY holiday?

working on my play
the other actor mr goldspink is absolutely excellent
and he has worked up a chillingly unbalanced “jerry”
an aggressive extroverted headcase from nyc circa 1960
im peter
a boring timid upperclass ponce who doesnt like jerry 1 bit
but hes fascinated and too scared to leave
our director is lucian
he directed the merchant of venice i was in
he works as a superwaiter at corporate gigs
which is a shame cos he devotes himself selflessly
to the theatre
and doesnt seem to get much financial reward
a true bohemian
no where to live
just crashing on couches
and directing the stuff he likes to do
even one show in an alleyway in melbjorn
i just wish this guy could cash in once but good
hes a dedicated thespian warrior
fighting for art n indepent thinkin’
on the fuckin’ frontline of art
and he doesnt own a thing
the other night he got very excited about zoo story
mainly cos of sebastian…not so much me
but thats ok
im the straight guy, the fall guy
the cowardly custard
i think its gonna be a good play
12 n 13th of jan
bondi nsw
be there or……
(insert your own insult here)

committed to painting 4 new pics of groop
have done moi (black)
halfway thru mwp (blue)
then pk(red)
n tee pee (purple)
what will you read into that
so be it!
so i must paint n paint n paint
thats it

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