posted on February 21, 2006 at 11:39 pm

rise and shine fiendss
its a brand new day
wakey wakey
hands off snakey
i dunno
i dunno whats going on today
ive done my laps
done my chi gong
its 10 41
about 27 degrees
some clouds
have ya got ya blokk ep yet ?
are you stunned by how yer olde hero keeps pumpin out
them essential tunes
the ones ya always wanted to hear
but no one cept the cruch had the balls
and nous
to write
the burden of your expectations
weighing around my neck
everytime i pick up my guitar
everytime i set pen to paper
the need to come up wiv sumpthin’
you gonna love
cmon fiendsss
i hope you liked blokk
it was almost the best we could do
at the time
course its well over a year olde now
i could do much better than that now
oh yeah
and if ya live in australia
ya could be seeing us soon
other than that…
other than that
many more nice things in pipeline for ya
keep tuned
have ya credit card ready
watch this space
i gotta loada new bits n pieces ready for ya
how do i keep this up?
where will it all end?
an ever receding horizon disappearing before my eyes
vishnu telling me :
“create, my son
as a part of me , it is your nature is to create”
aint it funny fiends
or someone
does a nice painting of the clouds
we all stand round and applaud
god creates a beautiful sky for ya
with real moving changing clouds
and birds
and hardly anyone even looks up
yessaday baby
i standing on my balcony doing yoga
i filled with sweet bliss
i looking at clouds
i cant believe i live on this planet
spinning perfectly thru space
w/ own atmosphere
azure blue
so perfect
beautiful clouds
i gotta stop and laugh
i thinking im getting better at painting clouds
but look at this
a very gentle reminder how great He is
lilac violet mauve
streaks of perfect pink
the clouds themselves
endlessly forming and reforming
into suggestions of animals
and fish
and enigmatic shapes
shaping my thoughts
right out loud
all the planets going round on their ellipses
the black space between filled with sound
and potential
if yer an atheist
just look up baby
you really think this all got here by accident?
you really do?
you not really looking then
if i am convinced of one thing
it is this
god is real
god is everywhere if you open yer eyes
god is love
god is waiting on ya all
just wait and see
chant his one thousand names
sit in silence
centre in on yer breathing
in the quiet ness of yer heart
you may hear a soft voice
in the colours behind yer eyes
you may catch a fleeting glimpse
seek nature
throw away yer gossip rags
avoid dead food
turn off ya fuckin tv set
be loving to yer mum and dad
they wont be around forever
be nice to yer kidss
they depend on you for everything
hug yer friends
forgive yer enemies
dont kill anything
you are made from the same stuff as the stars
dont poke around in the puddles
you have all time and space as yer inheritance
its not easy
but it aint too hard either
everyone got it in em
vishnu is already in yer heart
hes just waiting for ya to realise that
the lord of this whole shebang baybee
of all that is was and ever will be
and yet
he is so kind
he is living within your own heart
if you dont believe me now
you will one day
the proofs in the pudding my fiend
i say this
cos i love you
bye bye

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