posted on September 6, 2007 at 5:37 am

a sydney footballer is in hot water cos of drugs
the guy apparently is a champion n successful player
and hes admitted to doing ecstacy regularly for a long time
….after being sprung by a copper in england
now said player is saying oh i took it cos of the pressure
oh i took it cos im bi-polar(bear)
but not
i took it cos i like it
now the hallowed halls of the rugby league(not human league)
are wringing their hands
gnashing their teeth
scratching their cauliflower ears
saying where did we go wrong?
and a whole load of other players too have been caught
and in the same week a pamphlett arrives
about getting tuff on drugs
i thought we were already tuff on drugs
but we gotta get tuffer
if we get tuffer we can stamp em out it says
although after about a hundred years of tuffness on drugs
theyre still there
jails full of drug users who are otherwise law abiding tax payers
police system stretched so they can bust drug dealers n users
courts clogged up with it
the dealers are thrivin’
the cops are bustin’
and the user being squashed in the middle
there are just as many if not more drugs out there
than when i was a kid
more expensive
more potent
more ” dangerous”
more addictive
now aint it time someone said
this war on drugs is ridiculous
you cant have a war “on” an inanimate object for a start
people obviously have some need to change conciousness
i know i do
and i know the change i “need ” is not facilitated by the things
“they” say i can have
tobacco, alcohol, barbituates, prozac etc
no i dont dig em all that much
the western govts
to disenfranchise certain groups
have made other drugs illegal
however i really feel
that the community is paying the price
and that finally biting the bullet
minimising harm to everyone
and establishing outlets which could sell
quality drugs at reasonable prices is the answer
the govt can tax and even own them
the products should all be tested and
manufactured or grown to whatever specifications
this would eliminate
drug dealers
if stuffs being sold for what its really worth
just like sugar or coffee or wine is
then who will pay dealers high prices
when you can get a real organic bag of
(insert drug name here) for the regular nonblackmarket price?
the end of much drugrelated breakins n theft
if the addict only has to find say 30 bucks a day
instead of 300
hes not gonna be ripping off so many car stereos
if drugs are legal the cop force is freed up
instead of busting potsmokers
they can get rapists
instead of some eccy swallowing footy player
they can catch the arms runners n the real badde guys
suddenly all those prisoners in jails can go home
jail dont sort out drug addicts!
treatment may
yoga may
religion or na may
love may
help and care if you reckon they deserve it
but jailing em is expensive uncivilised and actually making things worse
if the users know what theyre getting then fewer overdoses
if the drugs are clean and rated
it will help with diseases and damage to body
of course i realise there are many people
out there
who still say
i dont fucking care
i want all the druggies in jail!
have a look around at the havoc this prohibition is creating
it aint working
it aint never has
it aint never will
be as tuff as you fucking well like on drugs
it aint stopping em
people have always taken drugs
i dont actually see how its even a legal or govt matter
to tell me how i may change my consciousness
who gave em that power?
believe me one day
this paradigm will fail
as all the other stuff weve ruined goes wrong on us
with the weather n wars n mad cows n stuff i mean
theyre just gonna say
we cant afford to chase this 1950s drug persecution bullshit
its impossible
its expensive
and its achieving the exact opposite
in a hundred years
itll be legal to take drugs(again as it was pre 1900)
(for ecological reasons)
illegal to eat meat
thats right
vegetarianism would have more impact on the wevver
than if everybody stopped drivin’ their cars
imagine it
being left alone
to enjoy a nice mood alteration
and a nut cutlet
sks utopia

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