posted on September 27, 2010 at 11:03 pm

stress n strain

god created this magnificent world

he needed someone to tell him what he had done so he created us

we reflect back in myriad ways

we explain to him why this creation is so special

just what is so bloody good about it

why we dig it thusly

i mean he already sorta knows he did a good job i’m sure

but still its nice to be appreciated even if youre (a) god

so when we figure it out n marvel he is well chuffed…….

in a very tiny tiny way  this is similar to why

i really enjoy reading the bells n drums site reviews

some real church experts deliberating over their fave band

trying to come to grips with

to articulate

what it is that they love about the church so much

and it makes wonderful reading for me

because these guys make me re-appreciate this old stuff

i actually listened to seance today with a fresh pair of ears

and it aint too fucking bad really

some nice things there

the boys on drums n bells tell me what to look out for

theyve explained why these songs are so good

why a few not so good too

it isnt all just gushing splather

but a real knowledgeable dissection of  how its done

how the effect is achieved

but even so

they continue to dig the trip

i’m glad i got fans who care so much to do this

it is a songwriters dream to have these lovely things written

to have some indepth n loving analysis of your work

i really enjoy it

some of em arent even writing in their 1st language

they get different takes on whats going on

its all valid

its all great to read

i hope they can truly finish their gargantuan task

then put out a definitive book on ALL the churches songs

and i will write the foreword of course

cos these guys really do understand what i’ve been trying to get at

and their interpretations are a must for any real church fan

wholeheartedly given my stamp of approval

and as one of em says

the church arent always the best judges of the churches work

and thats true

and you know what

maybe this bunch of different characters are

like the council of nicae

they are the keepers of the true flame

and you know what?

you can write a review on there too

but it better be as thorough as theirs

cos theirs are good

and whatsmore

i had a real pleasure in reading what they wrote

it made me quite happy

yes indeed

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