posted on July 31, 2008 at 4:11 am

a divine god crooned to the void
let there be music
and there was still silence
the void so full of emptiness
longing to be filled by song
more than light
the void craved song
the void screamed at god through its mouthless hole
where is my song?
and the beautiful wonderful god held his perfect finger to his lips
shhhh! listen….!
and there
there…..there it is….oh listen
the rumbling thunder was a deep bass drum
it boom boom boomed in the distance
and the void trembled at its immaculate rhythm
and god stood up tall from the bottom of the deepest sea
to the aeriest realms where atmosphereans dwell
he was immensely huge/ he took up no space
his face was the colour of a cloud before it rains
his eyes brimming with compassion and power
he nodded his lovely head to the thunders beat
the thunder roiled and boiled and boomed
and he laughed
a great white flash
and then the rain began
rattle rattle pitter patter
a snare against the thunders big boom
rattle boom boom rattle boom
his wife appeared a goddess herself
she said whatever this is i like it
and the lightning crashed like cymbals around her haloed head
and morning came so rare and pale
a new new morning
and birds began to sing
singing around the rain and thunder and lightning
look said the goddess
the angels had gathered around
their eyes were closed as they contemplated the beat
as the god and goddess deep groove became apparent
the angels thrilled to their wingtips
the thunders boom boom
the snare rattle
the lightning crack!
birds go tweet tweet tweet
the loveliest angel counted one two three four
and then
their most perfect holy sensual voices
entwined and move within each other
the he- angels push
the she- angels give
they give give give
the voices go round and about and upon and behind
these were the words

oami-pso calyenthis sonvaanae
oami-pso uh huh uh huh
no rholyiemphis no bixi em
shunt yeh shunt id semifor

in english this means

oh my fucking god thou art so beautiful
your wife is a majestic delicious queen
if thou art not cool then who else can be
for you are everything and
is everything else

the god was pleased with this
he began

naxion celegriph tramelian em
dran shunt ver-meer empath tes

this meant
in english vernacular
something like

give me one for the money
give me two for the show

his wife then sang

westin ermelian traaph sif ne em
jarudi gog xephem ram bam
ba ba boom

perhaps that needs no translation

the god who was called simply god
instantly populated the world with all manner of things
violin trees
piano monkeys
beasts that groaned like a tenor
cats that mioaued like contraltos
crabs click click clicked like shakers
panthers purred like cabassas
the angels up above kept on singing like larks
the larks below singing like angels
the fishies in the stream going bubble bubble bubble
the cows chewing in rhythmic gulps
the lion hissed in the mountains
the whale under the bluest seas joined in
the bugs wings all going clicketty clack clack
god we’re with you they sing to themselves but god can hear them
music music music whispers the long grass
man suddenly appears stark naked but for a white fender strata -casta
he is a black man with wild hair
he suddenly springs down and the guitar wails just like the whales
yes says the goddess
the goddess of fortune
the goddess of sexual pleasure and winning the lottery
the goddess of good waves and bass guitars
the goddess of eternal wisdom and passionate kisses
yes says this goddess
the guitarist lays into his guitar
let it burn man whispers god
let it bleed for me
the guitarist started to play some chords
these chords did please the lord children
god couldnt even figure out what he was playing
because of the delay and strange tuning
and he was playing it the wrong way wround
his wife stepped forward

ne carrienthon on trovis on wintha..

this morning when i woke up
i had the lowdown fucking blues

ji gog
ne carrienthon on trovis on wintha

i said
this morning when i woke up
i had the lowdown fucking blues

sem trimmaa nopha ullis
sem nestlialien bimma sed

i felt so sad and lonely
lord you know i paid my dues

the surf pounded the shore like a kettle drum rolling on
the mooned even keened and simpered in the sky
the wind lashed the trees
the coyotes howled
the hippos and pigs grunted
the badgers snuffled
the crows cawed like rhythm guitars
the moles underground tapped their tiny feet
the bears growled
the camels snorted
the toads croaked
everything did what it could
the eagles cried
the lambs bleated sweetly
the horses neighed and champed
the great apes clapped and plucked
finally god
waiting for it all to simmer
found his moment
picked up his flute
and blew up another storm
wild was his song
and unbridled did the music run amok
penetrating everywhere
nothing could or would ignore it
gods flute was so on
it rippled mellifluously across the octaves
it defied logic it droned it moaned it telephoned
gods flute with its trills and spills
oh hosanna oh hosanna on high
and then the first song
on the first side
of the first day
was released
and it roared up the charts


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