posted on June 28, 2006 at 9:06 pm

yeah yeah
here you are
what took ya so long?
cold morning
at the lapptopp
yessaday the pool was 15.1 degrees
oh to immerse yerself in cold clear salty water
what a feeling of elation after my 20 lapps
no wonder those dolphins are playing around all the time
from the icebergs you can see the whales n dolphins
and it makes me so sad that a couple of despicable crooked countries
are still fuckin’ with the rules
and trying to kill more creatures like this
no one wants it!!
but how do we stop it…
we just gotta sit back and watch these idiots n criminals
harpooning whales, clubbing dolphins n seals etc
this is how things are and have always gone wrong
gone wrong
bad things being done by a greedy stupid powerful few
that are perpertrated on the nice n gentle people n creatures
most of us just wanna live our lives…
always someone bendy bendy with the rules
talks ya into why loadsa badde stuff has to happen
some carnivorous gooseball told me
the cows should be thankful that humans breed n slaughter em
“or there wouldnt be so many everywhere”

right on!
thats the kind of self satisfied idiocy that gets things killed
still no one can tell me why all those young men had to die
in europe i1914 1918
but at the time
at the time
i bet they had all kindsa good reasons
youd bee considered a fool or traitor to have argued back
its the same with this whaling bizness
how can ya blast harpoons into something like a whale
and drag it back home
cut its guts open
use bits n pieces
its so obscene
its so inhuman
is that all the fuck that we’re good for
inflicting that kind of agony on creatures like these
they aint fish
theyre probably smarter than everyone reading these words
and sneaky little nasties figger out ways to keep it goin’
greenpeace and the other dudes actually physically opposing it
they are the real life heroes
the actual putting their selves on the line guys
cos somebody has to…

in other matters
youll be happy to know ive reached a terrible torpor
a state of inertia fiendss
a la all things work related
not getting anything done
day go by
days go by
suddenly oh…
that was wednesday
and shes gone
and i never asked her why
or anything
you see im badde with schedules n deadlines
they make me lose track of time n probability
my daughter minna says
the thing i hate about school is that theres always this
big looming important assignment causing this constant
feeling of agitation n anxiety in the background…
and as soon as youve done it
theres a new one to do
why does school have to be like that
shes right!
we start piling the anxiety on early
on the kidss
my kids school is real nice
everyone is real nice
the kids are real nice
but ultimately its the system
teaching ya how to cope with
and how to be a cog
in the great machine
let em compete n compare
let em learn whatever we think we know as facts
slowly but surely you got em
they never gonna question the whole shebang
what can ya do?
i dunno
i got no alternatives
the balls rolling now
gonna take someone younger n stronger n smarter n richer
than me
to figure out the way out
i just sing a few songs
write a few bloggs
waste my time in the sun
and the sea
when im gone
be like i almost never was here
and thats that

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