posted on April 6, 2015 at 1:28 pm
misery guts

misery guts

you wanna sleep a little longer man

yeah i only been asleep 12 hours

the more i sleep the tireder i get

i see my family they are beautiful souls

in gardens of blinding flowers

in canteens at the end of the road

i hurled the book aside i cannot read it any longer

a thirsty elemental for destruction is trying to jump on my ship

a bad spell is upon me is it

removed slowly by our greatest oceans healing minerals

my plot has been lost among seaside graves

from my great distance

i see it all rush together

i see it all fall apart

oh too late to have sussed

decisions stack up outside my half-assed mind

some huge fucking fine falls out of the post

or i cant drive my stupid fucking car

my left hand goggle leaks in the pool no matter what i do

i break into tears at the drop of almost any hat

a genteel sad madness in the wee flat hours

a loneliness that one million crowds cannot appease

i cannot remember one song i ever even wrote not a note

still i walk along energetically trying to burn off my demons

at the pool i hurt my foot and i strangely enjoy the stinging pain

i peer through the veil for you and i see sleep

in your lovely story with all its happy endings

the autumn holiday is nearly over

i get ready for another type of hesitation

but i cant decide…

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