posted on April 28, 2009 at 10:00 pm

yeah we played last nite at the vanguard in sydney
johnny howler aquitted himself real real well
in 10 000 miles he nailed it to the max
what a great guy
what great drummer
all with so very little rehearsal
the place was about half full
about a hundred n fifty
it was tuesday nite n short notice
every one made a few mistakes
marty cocked up buffalo on bass
and then afterwards had a long complicated reason why he did
sure sure… it for the judge…
he played every note in the book…and then some….
but never the right one….
he exonerated himself however
with some great guitar work
so….no hard feelings…
we sold absolutely no merch
not a postcard or anything
they say everyone there had everything already
my nasty cold prevented me from totally going gonzo
but i thoroughly enjoyed myself
and everyone said theyd like to do it again
great to see di n therese
great to see martin sync of moving parts fame
thank you for all yesterdays kind words n affirmations
reading my blog back afterwards it seemed a little “giddy”
voice in another room : tsk tsk…blowing yer own horn
on the drugs thing
i realize i put some people thru some bad times
i dont think stephen cummings is one of them
i dont think he was “damaged” by me using the gear
i think he was bemused n irritated
but not damaged or hurt
i think him gratuitously mentioning me in the article
(go back n read it!)
is merely a bit of exploitation
not a man airing his deep damage
i dont know
i would imagine
that by reading my many posts about the gear days
that my shame
my guilt
my desolation would be apparent in my words
it was a thoroughly miserable ten years…oh yes my word
you know i deeply regret it on every level..oh yes i do
and im grateful for YET another chance…oh yes i am
on a karmic level maybe a chance i didnt deserve
on a talent level a chance a DID deserve in splades
cos i bin hitting this thing with integrity for a long while now
when radiohead n muse were still in the playground
i was bestriding the stages of this world n giving the people good rock
rock with intelligence n subtlety n mystery n blah blah blah
(and much handsomer in our hayday than any of them too!)
voice in another room : by a long shot…there all little short guys…
if you like my stuff
congratulate yerself
youre in the top percentile of discerning listeners
you are the very core of who i am
you are the chosen ones
you are the devoted few
i dedicate this to the dedicated
thank you for kind words
thank you for subscriptions
idiot in another room : oooh hes begging for money…..!
thank you for liking what i do
watch this space
its gonna get even better
you not gonna believe it
we actually gonna get better n better
ha ha
at this stage of the game
art for arts sake!
music words action
bang bang bang
just like that!
see ya later i guess

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