posted on May 2, 2012 at 9:51 pm

a raven arrived with scraps of food for him twice a day

either time or fire will consume us

driven by some insane god to this mountain top

hounded day and night by my thundering head

wondering what became of my people so far ago

je-hovah don’t care about a harem n drugs man

the chosen ones got no choice but to fuckin’ rejoice man

meanwhile a slave from knossus fucked w’ the bosses bigtime

he stuck in his trident and pulled out a devil

he threw in his net ….oh…. did he catch a fish!?

baby i’m sorry i been out crush in empires

the pyres are burning n turning men into white ash

i had a dream to conquer some etruscan town

turned out it was just a dream and my luck ran out

there was no one left aground

there was nothing to be found

all the mounds became one big mound

but the voice that rages in my mind

demands the hands of all the fans of egyptian Ra

my marble floor is cold upon your hands and knees

but deep in your bower i have relinquished all power he agrees

my skin is like paper it tells all of the stories of all of my days

i have fought against the fiends who worship Tash

who is like a giant rotting vulture

or the child swallowing monster that is Aberron

but what was i saying?

a thousand voices proffer a thousand lines

my hold on the lord surely golden but my head disinclines

i knew a charioteer who had no fear now he’s got no frontier

and that boy from thrace with the pretty face ..god put ‘im in ‘is place

and charlemagne proud n vain a real frankish king

fighting for christ but christ wanted peace …what a stupid frankish thing…!

oh my baby i must catch a train to bethlehem alaska

i must fly by swan to thebes nebraska

didn’t i meet you once in tyrus omaha ?

i was selling snakes to pharaoh n you were workin’ behind a bar

i said i didn’t know you as we’re introduced afar

its raining softly in the promised land

threats and promises look the same from where i’m watching

high on this rock above the red seas

how the dead seize upon my shades children shaken me down

now i fume and i rant to the plants and the spume

i am heston turned and then redouble burns

satan you mother now look what you done

coming along and inventing your fun

and your fun is not good no

no your fun is no good

give me a wish then or plague me no longer

the sea is my baby now she would receive me with joy

hell i’m just a lonely prophet boy





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